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A Nordic Lyre

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  • A Nordic Lyre

    Herewith a Nordic Lyre which has a history of something over a 1000 years. Built from recycled Kauri and finished with stained lacquer, I was enamored of the shape and enjoyed the challenge of the shaping and carving. It does have a sweet musical quality which is nice after the mournful sounds coming from the Hurdy Gurdy and the Crwth, which I had built recently.

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    Beautiful. What is the size?
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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      Thanks Denny,
      It is 28 inches tall 11 inches wide. The body was made from solid and hollowed out and a soundboard put on top .... lots of sawdust!!


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        You do like your unusual instruments! This is another masterpiece.
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          It had not occurred to me that the instruments were unusual Rolf, but on thinking about it I guess you are correct LOL. At the folk club I belong to it seems to be the norm. Thanks for the comment.


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            Nice work as usual Rhys. Can't wait for the video of you playing all these instruments.

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              Tim, the video may yet be a while.


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                Beautiful piece of work. I have watched folks make dulcimers and I am amazed at the skill and dedication of luthiers. One of our American TV channels had a short lived series where a man was making guitars and mandolins and some of the handmade tools he used for tuning the sound board and the hours he put into shaving the board were beyond my attention level. (He was making these instruments for some big names in music)
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                  Thanks for that Jim.

                  At the Auckland Film Festival this year there was a film on Rick Kelly, called Carmine Street Guitars and it too showed the artistry and skill of the luthier .... here is a link to a short You Tube clip.

                  I worked in my basement workshop making craft shop items and furniture for about 20 years and finally closed it up, having become rather tired of the whole thing, and stayed out of it for some 3 years. I then had an urge to build a ukulele and so began my entry to the world of Luthiers ... I have to say it is addictive. I had had no knowledge of the art of building wooden instruments and it has been a steep learning curve, and fascinating with it. It also rekindled my enjoyment of the workshop and with no commercial pressure I can indulge myself ... all good.

                  My grandson asked me recently how many I have built and I was surprised to get to 20 instruments, there are multiples in that number, for instance 7 Native American flutes, 2 dulcimers, 3 ukuleles. As I said it is addictive.


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                    So Rhys - if I said you have developed into a remarkably skilled Luthier these past few years I doubt you could call me a Lyre!

                    Sorry for that terrible play on words, but you know me my friend.

                    You have produced another beautifully crafted instrument but what amazes me as much as your phenomenal craftsmanship is the way you take on these new challenges and the depth of investigation and studying you undertake to produce the end result.

                    You my friend are the epitome of dedication even if I suspect that there is a good amount of Kiwi craziness thrown into the mix.

                    Btw - the choice of recycled Kauri seems very apt for an instrument which dates back to the 6th and 7th century and I am guessing that this factored into your decision to use this particular wood.

                    Keep them coming Rhys. I'm still waiting to see a full size Veracruz style harp before you get to pass through those pearly gates - which I hope will not be for a very long time to come.

                    Jim in Mexico

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                      Thanks for that JIm.


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