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  • Fruitwood?

    I am new to this Forum and I enjoy the company .Somebody gave me some Fruitwood and I think it is Plum it is very red ,very hard and breaks easy. Does anybody have any experience with this type of wood?? I use entirely powertools,
    thanks for any input and help.

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    Re: Fruitwood?

    Make sure it is dry before you carve it, or it might split on you. If it is still green (wet) seal the ends and let it sit for a year or so depending on size of the piece. Power carving should work fine. It breaks easy because it is hard. Fruitwood usually looks great with a clear finish. Beautiful wood! Have fun. TonyB


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      Re: Fruitwood?

      Sounds like it might be peach xxx plum, at least the variety I have isn't very red, but the peach I have is pretty redish and splits easy and is pretty hard. But there are a lot of varieties of plum and one of them might be as you describe.


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        Re: Fruitwood?

        Thank you for your reply
        the wood is dry already so I just have to find out what it will do when I work with it. I always leave my pieces natural , no stain ,no paint.
        Thanks again


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          Re: Fruitwood?

          Hi Omalice nice to have you join us.

          In the back of my mind (behind all the cobwebs) I seem to recall someone telling me about a piece of plum wood they had that was red but after a period of time being exposed to the air it turned greyish. Not ugly but not the red anymore. Don't take that as gospel.



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