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Learned Something about Jigsaws today

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  • Learned Something about Jigsaws today

    Several years ago, I bought a corded Bosch jigsaw and it sure does cut well, and smooth!

    But since I have quite a few cordless 18V Lithium flavored power tools, I bought a cordless Ryobi jigsaw about 2 years ago. It cuts, but it sure is not a Bosch! It bounces all over the place; just seems so unbalanced or something! Today, I needed to make a couple of 6 inch circular cuts in a 2 x 3 ft sheet of 3/4" plywood. It bounced so bad in the first 3 inches of cut that I thought - should I get a new blade or pull out my corded Bosch? I spotted a new "in the package" blade next to my Bosch and decided, what the heck, let me try the new blade.

    Then as I was getting ready to take the old blade out of the Ryobi, I noticed - All of the teeth were pointing DOWN - away from the saw. When did I buy THAT blade? Did I KNOW that I was buying a down stroke cutting blade, when I bought it? Must have been at least a couple of years ago about the time I bought the Ryobi Jigsaw. NO WONDER it was bouncing around. It was cutting on the down stroke - pushing the jigsaw UP!

    I switched the blades out and Wow, it was like a different machine. It sure helps to have the RIGHT blade!

    I looked up "DownWard cutting jigsaw blades" and found out they are for cutting laminates, among other things. But I never knew about downward cutting jigsaw blades.

    A couple of links to downward cut jigsaw blades:

    these are for "straight cutting wood and PVC pipe

    Now that I know about downward cutting blades, that changes the techniques in which I should use one in cutting (If I ever do) - use intentionally more downward pressure on the jigsaw.

    Any of you know about downward cutting blades on a jigsaw?
    Hank Lee
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    I rarely use a jig saw. I did not know that down cutting blades existed. Thanks for the information, you never know when that special project comes up that requires this tool. I still have my Dad's old metal Craftsman.
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      Never heard of a down-cutting jigsaw blade. I have the Bosch Jigsaw and I've used it quite a bit. It replaced a 40 year old Craftsman (back when Craftsman made tools) that had finally gotten to where I could no longer repair it. I love it.

      My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."


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        That's a new one on me too. Downward cutting jigsaw blade, whoda thunk?
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          Downward blades have been around for a long time. Most of the time they are used when cutting the hole for a sink in a laminate countertop.
          Upstroke blades and laminate don't go together don't ask me how I know this.

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