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Costa Rica vacation - Pura Vida! - and a Happy New Year to all

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  • Costa Rica vacation - Pura Vida! - and a Happy New Year to all

    Norma, Kev and I just got home from my eye surgery recuperation vacation in Costa Rica. 11 days of Pura Vida!

    I took an obligatory one day of rest before we set out on a tour of a number of Costa Rica's magnificent national parks.

    Kev and I shot loads of photos with some interesting topics to share later with all but for the moment I'll just share one photo to remind all of an intarsia challenge project started off by Janette Square what seems like ages ago and take the opportunity to wish all forum members the very best of good health, sufficient wealth and peace and love in abundance for 2019.


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    Jim in Mexico

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    Thanks Jim. I have fond memories of that challenge. Many of those form members are not around. And a Happy New Year everyone.
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      Happy New Year's Blessings to all my family here. Peace and Health be with you.
      Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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        HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR MEMBERS and all scroll sawers.


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          Glad that the recuperation trip worked out, Jim. Hope it heralds a year of triumph over adversity and more good adventures yet to come!

          And very best wishes to all my forum friends for a happy, peaceful, and healthful new year, filled with love and sawdust!

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            What a photo! Hard to believe that it is a real animal.
            I will quote Carole "best wishes to all my forum friends for a happy, peaceful, and healthful new year, filled with love and sawdust!"
            can't say it better than that.!
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              Can't wait to see the pictures. Best wishes for 2019 from central Indiana.
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              Too early to leave, too late to call in.


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                Great photo! Couldn't make something up that was that colorful and have anyone believe it.

                Happy New Year to everyone and may we all be around for the next one.

                "Time to give back."
                "Time to Give Back"


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                  It is great to hear that you a good time. I look forward to hear and see the stories and photos.

                  Happy Healthy New Year to all!
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                    Glad you had a great vacation and took one day to rest. May everyone’s new year be filled with peace, love, happiness and good health.

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