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  • Conversation with Bruce

    Me: I can’t believe I’m almost out of wood. Only 2small pieces of cherry and some poplar. No wood, no baskets for Wednesday night. Bruce: well, where is the wood? Me: in the bank. Bruce: what’s it doing in the bank? Me: seriously? He went to the carpenter shop where the sawmill is for Elm and came home with cherry and beech. I’ll pretend it’s his cold medicine. Sometimes I wonder how we made it 46 years. Must be the interesting conversations.

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    You better start locking the liquor cabinet. LOL
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    • RJweb
      Reply to New Band saw Fence
      Thx for the review, what size blade did you use for resawing, also I feel that is a good price considering it is a Kreg product, I like their stuff, I have a few of their products, RJ...
      Today, 12:54 PM
    • Rolf
      Reply to New Band saw Fence
      Quartz you are absolutely right about the need for a good blade and proper tuning of the saw. I thought the price was a lot cheaper than I expected. Only nine ornaments
      Betty I have the mag switches on my scroll saw dust collection they are amazingly strong.
      But for my fence I want to...
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    • Sandy Oaks
      Reply to Gizmos
      Sandy Oaks
      Thanks Rolf. Hard to see, but the light wood is curly maple. Beautiful
      Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    • will8989
      Reply to New Band saw Fence
      Bruce bought the Carter bandsaw fence and resaw fence at the Woodworkers show. He hasn’t used it yet but will give his ewview when he does use it. His is magnetic as he is left handed.thats what he said anyway. Will let you know how it is when I use it.
      Yesterday, 09:53 PM
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