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Wood working with 3d Printers

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  • Wood working with 3d Printers

    It may have been a topic once before, but with the cost of 3d printers going way down (I bought a small one earlier this year for about $150), how does one add it into their abilities. Besides being able to print out zero clearance inserts for the saw that is. Currently, mine has made bushings for the lathe for pen kits that I only have one of or lost the bushings long ago; helped in the creation of some jigs for the table saw one that has allowed me to cut out a star shape, and the one will be for setting up the distance needed to make small interlocking shelves in a project (hasn't been tested yet); and something I'm not proud of but it useful. I measured the broken blade holder from and printed a replacement and used it for about a week while I was waiting for the real one to come in. Worked for a time, just not as strong as the metal one.

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    Where did you buy it at that price?


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      This is the little one I have: Currently $160. The little better one that I technically own half of, but my brother uses isn't much larger, but has a bit more space so things don't always have to be made in pieces: Is currently $190. Best thing I did was join the facebook groups for both the printers. Lots of information that the manual doesn't come close to covering.


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        How to incorporate this technology into our hobby is a good question. Looking forward to see what you come up with. I am impressed with what useful stuff you have already done.!

        Our local library had a Tech expo yesterday. They were demonstrating two 3d printers one is like yours the other was a new on that exposes resin with a laser. both did some impressive work. The resin one was a much smoother end result but then so is the price. We have been using industrial version at my former job for years creating prototypes of complex projects, save thousands of machine shop man hours.

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