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A Parrot with Passengers

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  • A Parrot with Passengers

    Around 4 years ago, we were in Texas, visiting my oldest son. I noticed, in his back yard, that he had a parrot, made from an old golf cart tire, with some flowers in it. I thought it looked pretty neat and told his wife that. About two months after we got back home, a box arrived, from Texas, with one of those parrots in it. The moral of the story being - don't tell your kids you like something - or you may get one.

    Anyway, I have dutifully loaded the thing with flowers every spring and send them a picture. This year, Mother Nature blessed us with an addition. Looks like, these past few rainy days, the robins have been busy. When I went to water this morning, I found my parrot has passengers. So aside from our coming and goings - which are normally through the garage doors, the front porch is off-limits for a few weeks.
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    My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."

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    So that's where the term "robin's blue" comes from! Enjoy the new additions to your family.

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      i like the blue eggs also.
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