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    I was invited to a local turners club meeting yesterday. It is probably the largest and most active wood related club in my area. I have friend that is a true segmented turning artist. He invited me. I went, I had a great time. Saw some impressive turning stuff, but darn it was all "round". They had a demonstrator, come in and demonstrate making a Sphere. I thought it was a super demo, the guy didn't even use a jig.
    I use to turn a lot, I like it, Made over a hundred pen, many bottle stopper, lots of bowls, etc., all "round". At the meeting, 3 three hours long!, they had "share and tell" and the subject for the month was toys. They were suppose to make a toy on the lathe... okay, just how many tops, yoyos, pull toys (all round) frizz-bees, etc, can you get excited about? I kept thinking, what would they think of the three robots that actually walk and do something, with moving gears and a motor, that I made on a scroll saw! If I would have know I would has shown one, because I did turn some minor, axle caps on my lathe when I made them.

    Anyway, I had a great time. Met some very nice people and I actually told my friend I plan on joining after the the first of the year. He was excited and stated it would be neat to get me back to turning.... I replied, no, I am going to turn all you "turners" into "scrollers"! Really it was a great time. I did meet two other people that were into scrolling and there are at least two more in the club. That's a start. As long as it is wood working,,,it's okay with me.
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    Paul, if you want to deviate from round, just use the scroll saw! In addition to the interesting toys and other projects that the scroll saw handles with ease, you can make bowls of shapes that just can't be done with the lathe. My experience has been that people will just naturally assume that scrolled bowls were lathe turned, and just can't figure out how one flat piece of 3/4" thick wood can explode into a bowl. Especially when you show them a piece of scrolled open segmentation. Easy peasy, when you know the secret.

    This is not meant to dis all the lovely work that turners do, but going off-round (I think it may be referred to as elliptical turning) is a place that many turners just don't visit, and nice as a round bowl is, variety is nice, too.

    Of course I seldom make a project more than once, so I'm definitely off the curve. But then, I never was on it . . . . .

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      I also "play" with a lathe. I think I used it once in 2017 and that was to turn a dowel for a furniture repair I made. What would be neat would be to come up with a process/design that used both the scrollsaw and lathe. I have a few ideas but I never seem to find the time to attempt them.
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        Never played on a lathe, well maybe in shop class many years ago. Many great projects can be made using a lathe, but I prefer the scroll saw.
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          I actually enjoy both the lathe and scroll. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, however they both are working in wood. What's not to enjoy?


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            Love them both! Most of our club members do both. At our annual show this past weekend I was demonstrating scrolling and a guy came up and showed me some pictures of some square and rectangular bowls from one of your books Carole. He may be joining our club.
            I will post pictures in a separate post later.
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              Originally posted by NC Scroller View Post
              I also "play" with a lathe. I think I used it once in 2017 and that was to turn a dowel for a furniture repair I made. What would be neat would be to come up with a process/design that used both the scrollsaw and lathe. I have a few ideas but I never seem to find the time to attempt them.
              I have had similar thoughts over the past year.

              I have done mostly flat work off and on over the last 50 years (and before) and did some work on the lathe back in the early 90's (in Japan where it was hard to find turning tools). I really got into lathes (again, in Japan) around late 2004 and now have 2 lathes (3 if you count a Taig). I spent most of my time on pens though. I want to try some fine scrolling on a pen blank (similar to fine scrolling cuts with coins) and cast some colored resin in the cutout and then turn it.

              I do have some ideas for combination of scroll saw bowls with some finishing turns on the lathe. It most certainly will have to wait until after Christmas to get some time to even think about it.
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