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  • About secret Santa exchange and ornament exchange

    You have a few more weeks to sign up
    i hoping to get a few more to sign up other wise I might have cancel the exchange this year or let some one else to take it over
    Thanks for your time
    Dewalt 788

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    where can I find more information?
    People will always throw stones in your path. What will you build?


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      I have post in off topic post one is called secret Santa exchange and the other is ornament exchange

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      Official 2017 Christmas Ornament Exchange


      I will be this year's host of the annual tradition. And since Christmas will be here before we know it I figured I'd get things started early.

      Anyone that would like to participate, please send me the following information via PM or email. The cut off date will be around the middle of November. I'm hoping to get more people to sign up. I should have your list of addresses to you by the last week of November. That should allow for enough time for those international packages. Of course, receiving ornaments in January is fun too. And it has happened before, so no worries.

      Is there any suggestions on what i can do to encourage more people to sign up?

      Please provide the following information if you would like to participate:

      Board name
      How many ornaments you would like to make (anywhere from 1 to all

      General Guidelines:

      1. Ornament type/pattern is up to you.

      2. You get to choose how many ornaments you would like to make. It can be anywhere from 1 to everyone in the group. The choice is yours. So even those folks on a limited income can participate. You do NOT have to send one to everyone in the swap.

      3. You are responsible for all postage costs to send out your ornament. Be sure to take this into consideration when making your ornament and committing to the number you'll send out. Flat ornaments will be easier to package and cheaper to ship.

      4. Please package your ornament securely. We've had issues in the past where ornaments were destroyed in transit because the postal machine was hungry for wood. Usually a little cardboard and a padded envelope will work. I wouldn't recommend putting your ornament into just a Christmas card or just an envelope and mailing it.

      Please include your screen name from the boards in the package since most folks will recognize that name before they recognize your real name. Most folks include some type of card with their screen name and real name.

      6. We try to wait until just about everyone has received their ornaments so that we don't ruin the surprise. Please wait until at least after christmas to post pics.

      7. Have fun. It's so much fun going to the mailbox hoping that you have another ornament waiting for you. Definitely much better than getting a pile of bills!

      Any questions, please let me know

      My Email Address is [email protected]

      Thanks David

      I will update This list as often as I can when I receive Your information. IF your Name is NOT on this list, then I dont have your info. Thanks.

      Ornament Exchange list

      1. NCScoller
      2. daddy's Scroller

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      2017 Secret Santa Exchange

      I will be the host of Secret Santa

      This is my forth time doing it, so I hope all goes well. If there are any questions please shoot me a PM.

      Is there any changes I can make that would encourage more people to sign up I'm open to suggestions? Let's make it an exciting holiday, knowing that we each will be receiving a homemade gift!!!

      Reading through the past couple of year's thread, it looks like everyone who participated really had a great time. I am really looking forward to this and being part of sharing the holiday spirit with other Forum members, I'm striving for a large turn out so I'm hoping all of you will help me to reach this goal.

      The Secret Santa will work similar to last year.Since everyone enjoyed it, it seemed reasonable to keep things similar, with one additional twist. So here's the scoop:

      I had several comments regarding cost limit, so lets have 2 groups so everyone who wants to participate can. You can chose to make a $10 or $20 gift.

      If you wish to participate, simply send me an email. Make sure you include the following:

      Full name
      Board "nickname"
      Mailing address
      Gift cost group $10 or $20

      My Email address is: [email protected]

      What to make:

      You can make whatever you want to share. Many people will post pics of gifts sent/received to the Forum, so try to keep at least a significant portion of the gift cut from a scrollsaw.

      Cost Limit:

      Depending on the group you pick, the only rule is that you spend as close to either $10.00 or $20.00 on materials for the project. The project might be something you made in an hour or something you worked on for much longer. As we all know, the real point is in the giving, so just send something which you think will bring some cheer.

      Some people will get gifts more involved than the ones they sent, but that is inevitable and is okay. Nobody should feel guilty either way. Just make something nice and have fun! The price limit just helps to keep things close.

      * I will also do the selection so that the person you are making for is not necessarily the person you will receive from.

      Selection of Secret Santas:

      After registrations are all in, I will have a random drawing to assign Secret Santas, so that each person gives one gift to one other person and receives one gift as well.

      After selections are made, I will PM each participant to arrange the exchange.

      Mailing your Gift:

      I will supply you with the address you need. You may mail your gift any time after it is made, and the recipient may open it, or save it for the Holidays, if they wish.

      Posting of Pictures:

      To coin a phrase commonly used in the 'off Topic' forum, "We love pictures!" Please feel free to post pictures in this thread of the gift you received and, if known, maybe who made it for you.

      Deadline Dates:

      Regular Registration Deadline: November 19

      After this deadline, I will hold the random drawing and send everyone their matches.

      Get your saws Going!!!

      Update list
      1. -tgiro01
      2. Daddy's scroller
      3. Nc Scroller

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