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  • Rolf
    That is a tough question Keith. Some of the really inexpensive laths have plastic handles for the tail stock and tool rest that will not hold up.
    Make sure that the tail stock and head taper are #2, that is for the live center and drive spurs.
    1" by 8 threads per inch spindle thread. The concern I have with the Grizzly T25920 - 12" x 18" is that it's lowest speed is 650 a bit high if you are turning something bigger and out of round. I would consider a used lathe but not one of the really old ones, like Shopsmith Craftsman etc. Look for a used Jet Mini or midi lath.
    I am sure you will get lots of suggestions. But be warned turning is a black hole that will suck you in.

    For pens you will need a mandrel, for bowls you can get away with a face plate and a face plate screw chuck. But at some point you will want a Chuck with different jaws.
    You don't need lots of tools But a sharpening setup is very important! As a minimum you need a roughing gauge, a bowl gauge, a skew and a parting tool.

    I buy a lot of my tools and chucks from this guy great tools and prices. He also has some excellent videos.

    I started with a used Jet 1236 with the Reeves drive, its lowest speed was 500 still a bit high but OK. $250 was a great price and I used it for many years. I now have a Nova DVR XP 16-24,. Love the lathe but found that the bed was too short and just added a 20 inch extension.

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  • martzy
    started a topic Lathe question

    Lathe question

    I have a little extra money and decided to purchase a lathe. I've used one from time to time and have always wanted one of my own. There are so many options out there! I have tried reading reviews and tips online. I've shopped around a little but the number of choices are too overwhelming. I don't really want to spend more than $300 on a lathe. Grizzly has some in my price range. Some are variable speed and others are not. Shop Fox also has some that are affordable but they are not variable speed.

    I imagine will will turn some pens and bowls but I might also want to turn some larger things eventually too. I don't want to end up with something too short but the longer ones are pricey.

    And what about chucks? Do I need to buy a set of chucks for pens and something else for bowls?

    I can't find a turning forum that is all that user friendly. I know Fox Chapel sells turning magazines but I didn't notice a turning forum hosted by Fox Chapel.

    I'd welcome any advice the good people here can offer.


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