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  • Power Carving Question

    Do any of you have experience with the Automach Power Carver? I recently bought one, and it really heats up sometimes. Doesn't seem to matter what kind of wood. I just wonder what your experience is with the issue. Thanks!!


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    Re: Power Carving Question

    I don't have the Automach carver but my Ryobi and the hand cable that attaches to my dremel both heat up. Sort of thought they must all do it. The hand cable heats up really quickly, like in twenty minutes. I usually stick in a load of laundry or some other 'domestic' like thing, makes the hubby think I'm actually doing something besides carving! Ha! (Actually, might be a good thing they do heat up, if you're like me I tend to loose all rational sense of time when I start carving!!)
    Both carvers cool down quickly, I'm afraid to keep using either one when they do heat up, afraid they will blow up! I'll be interested to see what others have to say on this subject. Callynne


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      Re: Power Carving Question

      You might try putting a few drops of 'Slick 50' in the cable to reduce friction and thereby reducing heat...worked for me. I got a quart at one of the discount stores (warehouses) for $13.00 and I keep a quart on my work bench, have found a myriad of uses in the shop. It even fixed my air nailer that kept hanging up............IHO


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        Re: Power Carving Question

        I'm not familiar with the auto-mach machine, but with flex shaft machines such as the Dremel and Foredom, the adjustment of the shaft is critical as is proper lubrication. If the flex shaft is extended too far beyond the sheath, there is considerable back pressure and friction. A well adjusted tool should not heat up at all. Try asking the manufacturer for advice. Nearly every maker has a web site where you can contact them.


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            Re: Power Carving Question

            Okay, now here's how dumb I am - as to putting a few drops of 'Slick 50' in the cable, um....what's the 'cable'? This is a hand-held reciprocating carver, if that makes a difference. I do keep wheel bearing grease in the reciprocating head, per manufacturer instructions. The rest of the workings (motor) are encased in the machine, and I wouldn't know where to put oil....

            The manufacturer does state that it will heat up, supposedly 15 degrees above room temperature, but mine is certainly getting hotter than that.


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              Re: Power Carving Question

              I also need help with a power carving question...I'm researching carvers would like to know if anyone out there has used the SCM or Paragrave turbo carvers? I need all the help I can get!


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