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  • Chisels

    Does anyone have any experience with Henry Taylor Chisels? I'm thinking of buying a set of detail,palm chisels.
    Safety first

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    Re: Chisels

    I picked up some of the larger ones, last year.
    Great steel but they needed to be sharpened before use.
    So check that out first and go for it.
    I sure like the flex-cut brand, they come razor sharp and always strop up nice.


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      Re: Chisels

      I've had a Taylor 'dog-leg' chisle for a few years and am satisfied with it. It did need some sharpening when I bought it, but came up just fine. I looked at several others but the edges were not up to par, so I got other brands.



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        Re: Chisels

        I have a few of the full size tools and they are a decent tool. They don't have the sweet edge of my swiss tools though, but the price is more appealling.



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          Re: Chisels

          I am with Chele on this one. I tried the taylor and flexicut side by side at the store and loved the Flexicut.


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            Re: Chisels

            Just to add a little confusion - I've got flexcuts, stubai, and warren (made permanent handles for them) and my flexcuts are gathering dust ... they are a good tool and hold an edge well, but the reasons I prefer the others is:
            The flexcuts seem to flex when I don't want them to and come out of the cut before it's done (probably operator error but I ain't changin)
            The palm handles become very unconfortable when you turn the tool over and try to make a cut the the opposite side.

            I'd buy one or two of each and try them to see which you prefer, then again I'm a sucker for tools (not just carving tools either).


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              Re: Chisels

              I have no experience with Taylor but like Fat Eddy I will buy a tool first and ask questions later. My first set was an $8 set from a truckload tool (scam) sale that rolled through town. I found I liked making very little boards out of a big board. Next I marched into the local Coast to Coast store and Geno my local co-dependant hardware store operator (he is dependant on my whims to buy something and I depend on his enthusiasm for my hardware hobby of the month) looked through his catalogs and ordered me a 12 piece set of Freud mallet tools and a mallet. I bet you didn't know Freud made carving tools. They are reasonable quality tools, swiss, but too thick and too long its more like a 12 piece sword set. Since then like Eddy suggested I have bought a few tools of a few brands and am rapidly becoming a full blown Flexcut fan. They sharpen with a couple strokes on the strop and the idea of the 'flex' seems to work for me. I have given the set numbers and the phone number of the Hummel Co to anyone I hope to get a Christmas present from in high hopes of adding some more Flexcut to my tool set. Splinter did the side by side and I think he is right. Eddy do you want to part with those palm tools you are disappointed in?
              Ah Chip


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                Re: Chisels

                Ah Chip - I'd never part with a tool, might come handy someday. That's why my shop and garage a splitting at the seams. It's in there somewhere all I gotta do is find it.


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                  Re: Chisels

                  So, what's the deal with the Flexcut chisels? I'm assuming by the name that they flex? I've seen them, just never used them. Aren't they hard to control?

                  I'm using a Lee Valley tools set right now which are a pretty good but I'm sure there are better one's out there. I got them 3 years ago when I started carving and now I'm heavily into it, so I thought I'd move up to a better brand.

                  I think I like Splinter's idea, I'll try a few out and see what I think.

                  Safety first


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