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  • Bench vice

    I would like to find a dealer who handles hold down clamps for the top of benches.These are attached to the top of the bench so that the work piece is held to the top for mallet and chisel work.Thanks Al...

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    Re: Bench vice

    Think what you are referring to is 'Toggle Clamps.' If so, Woodcraft stocks them in several sizes. You should be able to find them on Woodcraft's web site. If not, think their number is 1-800-535-4486, at least that's what I've got scribbled next to their name here.


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      Re: Bench vice

      I think yer talking bout a holdfast...

      apperently there are different types,
      i used the hammer in type, built like the number 7.. but here at this link is another one of a different design,,,
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      that link shows a holdfast forsale, not the tap in type, looks like the working end of a bar clamp...

      $24.00 each

      if your wood vise has a retractable dog on the outer jaw, check out the bench dogs and pups ... they dont crush your carving as bad....

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        Re: Bench vice

        You can also find them at

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          Re: Bench vice

          Veritas has a great one that I have been using for several years and love. It can be bought at Lee Valley or I believe Woodcraft has it as well.

          It has two different size, removable plates that can be inserted on the top for either small or large pieces. So far, I have only used the small one and I have done pieces up to 18 inches tall. I highly recommend.


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