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  • Knive sharping

    Ok we all knew the importantes of sharp knives and gouges. And many post have appeared as to what and how to sharpen them.
    My question has any one built a sharping system? I was going to purchase one but due to money restraints I think building one may be cheaper.

    Would be interested in seeing what homebuilt systems others have.


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    Re: Knive sharping

    If all you need to do is to resharpen knives and tools that were sharp, you don't need a machine. If you need to change bevels or reclaim damaged tools, you'll want a machine (but still don't 'need' one if you have the time). I built a slow speed machine, but it was a lot of time and more money than I planned. Finally bought a Tormek, which is a lot more money than most of us want to spend, but it's a great machine. Before I bought the Tormek, I had ordered a Delta machine but found out it was a disaster before I bought it. Thank you Woodcraft for that piece of advice! The Deltas are fairly cheap but don't run true. Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy any of those name brands.


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      Re: Knive sharping

      If your only going to do an occassional bevel of fix an occassional nick, a diamond stone (at least I think thats what they're called, anyway a course diamond sharpener) works well. Follow it up with an Arkansas stone or something similar, strop and your done. Takes a little more time, but a whole lot cheaper.


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        Re: Knive sharping

        I agree with the previous posts. If you cannot sharpen by hand, the machine will only allow you to make mistakes faster. I use nothing but a soft Arkansas stone and a couple of strops to maintain my tools (BTW, it helps to buy GOOD tools) and you can shave with every one. If you feel practice would be of benefit, buy a CHEAP set of tools and have at it. This is a skill that must be learned by doing and without the fear of ruining good tools, you can focus on learning what works best for you.


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          Re: Knive sharping

          One more thing, there really isn't a right or wrong way. There's about as many ways as there are carvers. I learned when I was six or seven years old in a lumber camp from the lumberjacs who whittled in the evening. I sharpen my tools just like they did, like an axe. Works for me.


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            Re: Knive sharping

            I agree with what Captain Bandaid says. There are times when I wish I had a shapening machine but, I only resharpen when I get a nick. Thats not very often if you're a bit careful with your tools.

            Take care,&&Butch &&&&I know there's a carving somewhere in all that extra wood!


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              Re: Knive sharping

              Hi Jeff - If your like me, I don't like to spend my money on things that I can make or do at home. I can afford a Tormek, but I don't want to. For the rare times I need a motorized sharpener I use an old flea market record player. I'm sure you remember those. I place an old album on and a sheet of aluminum oxide, and set the speed on slow. Little preasure is needed. Since it runs true it gets the job done fine. Sort of a poor man's sharpener. I think the Beetle's album on there is worth more than all my tools combined! Maybe an old Tom Jones album would be better?


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                Re: Knive sharping


                I Love it! Now I wish I hadn't thrown out my old turntable that I could no longer get cartriges for

                Also being cheap I just turn my belt sander over and clamp it in the vice... lock the button on and sharpen away.

                I have a double shafted motor (salvaged) with a cloth wheel and a wooden disk with leather glued around the circumfrence. I cut the disk with a hole saw and mounted on the motor then sanded it smooth, cotact cement on an old belt and presto... power strop.



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                  Re: Knive sharping

                  DaveE- Watch your heat build-up!



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                    Re: Knive sharping

                    You know, it just dawned on me after reading the above posts that a person could do something similar with a drill press. Mount a wooden disk with the abrasive of you choice on a carriage bolt, chuck it up, and go for it. Just might give it a try (on low speed my eyes ain't what they used to be).


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