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  • enlargement of patterns

    Ok have gone totally brain dead here tonight.

    I have used a photcopier to enlarge a print. And have done it the old way of useing a grid system also a neat machine that you could put a picture under and it would project it onto the wall.

    Now I was told of a item but do not knew the name of it that mounts on the table and one end has a pointer that you follow the pattern with and the other end has a pencil in it that draws the pattern as you go. I think there is four stickes joined together on it ... From what I was told it will enlarge or reduce a pattern .

    Question is what is it called??? and has anyone used one??? and has anyone ever made one??

    A lot of times access to the high tech copier is not possible and I was thinking this might be a great alternative.


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    Re: enlargement of patterns

    That critter you describe is called a pantograph. You can get them at Michael's craft shops, and probably a dozen others. Art supplies also carry them, and you may find them in some old fashioned drafting supply stores. Have never used one but have seen tem at work. I think they are a little tricky.

    I've used the opaque projectors to good advantage, as you can get the final pattern to exactly the size you want.or in the case of carving fish, combining more than one photo into one pattern.



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      Re: enlargement of patterns

      I have one brand new never used. I will sell it to you for $20.00. That should handle shipping, Etc. Let me know if you would like it.
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        Re: enlargement of patterns

        I put the picture in my scanner.Then send it to my Ifranview program and make it the size I want ,and print it.


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