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Foredom 1/8 or MasterCarver Champion?

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  • Foredom 1/8 or MasterCarver Champion?

    I am about to buy my first power tool. Which one is better?

    Foredom 1/8 kit that Woodcraft sells, with 2 handpieces and accessories, or Mastercarver 1/3 with 3 handpieces?

    Which is a better made tool, ease of use, durability, price vs. vale, availability of accessories.

    ANy feedback from current users/owners appreciated/...


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      Re: Foredom 1/8 or MasterCarver Champion?

      If you'ere left handed you have no chose but Foredom, it has a reverase switch on it. If you're not a left handed you can use almost any power motor that acepts a wide range of handpiece's. Some units only work with the manufactuer handpiece's.


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        Re: Foredom 1/8 or MasterCarver Champion?

        Actually the Foredom is nice even if you are right-handed (left-brained) if you are doing feathers on birds. You can go down one side but you can't go down the other side without having the tool dig in. Having the reverse action is very helpful. I have never tried the Master Carver but I have been extremely happy with the Foredom. I started out with a Dremel with a whip and the the Foredom cuts like butter. My guess is that the tools are pretty much the same, so you have to decide on details and price. Be sure to check on how much additional handpieces, maintenance supplies, special bits, etc. are going to run you so you see what your investment will cost you to maintain and expand. will show you maintenance and cost. Pam


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          Re: Foredom 1/8 or MasterCarver Champion?

          I haven't tried the MasterCarver either, but I do use the 1/8th Foredom, and personally find it easy to bog down if you are roughing out with burrs. I normally get better results and less power loss from my Dremel. I would think that the Master Craft 1/3 motor would give you more power, but there is quite a cost differance also. Starting out, I went to the cheaper Dremel, and progressed from there.

          Personally, I'm still trying to justify the Automach recip to the Bosslady.

          Good luck-------



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