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selfadhesive transparent paper?

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  • selfadhesive transparent paper?

    : Can anyone tell me where I can fine transparent paper with adhesive backen. Thanks

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    Re: selfadhesive transparent paper?

    Hmmmm....I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're talking about, but you can find masking film at any art supply store. It's self-adhesive, comes in sheets and you can cut it to any size or shape you need. It's used to cover portions of a painting to keep them clean until you're ready to paint them.



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      Re: selfadhesive transparent paper?

      You might try your local office supplier, ask for StickyBack, or Chartpak, applique films. They're used for copiers, etc. A cheaper solution is Contact paper in a roll. These are great if you're into chip carving.


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          Re: selfadhesive transparent paper?

          If it is the same stuff that Janney has in his Gunstock Carving book, it is .75 a sheet. My Dad says that you can use shelf paper with the same result. Be very careful running anything like that through the copier, if it gets caught, it can melt and even start on fire. Check at Pam


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            Re: selfadhesive transparent paper?

            Office supplies has a product called clear Full sheet labels by Avery. Hope this helps.
            Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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