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  • Lamp brand tools

    Hi All, I'm looking for feedback or personal experiance with the Lamp brand tools sold through Wood Carvers Supply. They look like good tools but before I plop down $200.00 for a set I would like to hear from anyone who has used them.
    Stan in Iowa

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    Re: Lamp brand tools

    I would suggest you give a little thought to purchasing a 'set' of chisels, regardless of the make. It would be a better idea if you only purchased those chisels that you need. You will save a lot of money that way rather than buying a lot of chisels you will never use. Big Al (p.s. I prefer the Phiel brand sold at Woodcraft stores.)


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      Re: Lamp brand tools

      :-*Al, Seems I spend alot of time agreeing with you! Wanna get married? Just joking. As for sets. don't buy a set. You will only use half the tools. Find out what you really need -- certain tools for caricature carving, like a 3/8 u-gouge or a big flat tool for relief carving. There are carving classes listed in different catalogs and now they 'suggest' the right tools for the right job. I get most of my tools at classes now cause an instructor will show us how to do eyes or wrinkles or noses or something and he/she will recommend a specific tool. Look around some more. Pam


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        Re: Lamp brand tools

        This is good advice Stan. When I first started carving I bought a couple of 'sets' of gouges and knives and later ended buying a tool here and there until I ended up with the right tools for the jobs I was involved in. If you indicate what type of carving you will attempt to do, maybe we can offer some recommendations on what to spend your money on to get the bang for the buck.


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          Re: Lamp brand tools

          I have to agree with all the advice given so far; but, if you are interested in the Lamp brand of tools, buy one.
          If you are satisfied with it, buy more or even a set if you think you will use it.
          If you don't own tools that you never use, you are not a real carver.
          I know a carver who has every tool he needs and many that he doesn't. Still he makes and buys more tools (A) because I like tools, and (B) because I like tools.


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            Re: Lamp brand tools

            Tools: I know that not buying a set is good advice for a beginner. I didn't follow that advice and don't regret it a bit. I am like Rick, a new carving tool is always a reason for celebration. Consider this point: When I am doing relief carvings, I use gouges for setting-in (cutting around the parts that you want left standing proud so you can lower the background around them). I use a LOT of different gouges to closely follow the various curves. Yes, you can get by with a few tools but this will force you to compromise your work. If you need a 1/4' #7 sweep, using anything else fails to achieve exactly the effect you are looking for. I own 16 pfeil palm tools and use every one of them. A professional carver may own a hundred tools. I find that if I have the tool, I usually find a place to use it. If you bought a set of 6 and use only 2, you may not be using the right tools for various cuts. As far as Lamp brand goes, I'm sure they are fine tools but as I recall, they will need sharpening before you can use them. The pfeil tools come out of the box HUNGRY SHARP and ready to eat wood!


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              too many


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                  Re: Lamp brand tools

                  Hi, thanks for the replys.
                  I have been carving off and on for about 12 years, but, still consider myself a beginner. I too have tools that I very seldom use that I have bought over the years. They do come in handy though when you need them. The LAMP BRAND set I was looking at are the tools they use with their carving walking sticks video, none of which (tool wise) I have. When none of the regular participants on this forum are familiar with that brand tool I think I will keep looking at other brands.
                  again thanks for your response,


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