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    Re: Dust Collectors

    The scenario you describe sounds to me that you are just asking for trouble. You would probably be better off to bite the bullet and just work outside.

    However, I will give you an answer anyway. I personally have a Penn State DC1B-XL 1 hp dust collector that I hook up to various pieces of machinery as I use them. This would not do you any good. If you are making dust by carving, you can buy one of these table top down draft models that you place your work on as you are sanding and it is supposed to suck up the dust as you are creating it. I, personally, have never used one of these systems. If you are going to be working in a living area, you better pick a room and keep the door closed while you are working. The dust collector you need is an 'air cleaner' which circulates and cleans the air in a given space. They come in various sizes and the cfm's (cubic feet per minute) requirements will be determined by the size of the area to be cleaned and how often you want the entire air to be circulated every hour.

    Check out the Penn State Industries systems at or specifically catalog nr 143300 or 144418


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      Re: Dust Collectors

      My 'mentor' uses a box fan with furnace filters that sits on his desk when he power carves. It actually catches quite a bit of the dust.


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