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Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it ;)

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  • Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it ;)

    I agree with the fact that most minor cuts happen while reaching for a tool or putting one away.

    (The serious cuts can happen at any time, but usually when you are not wearing your carving glove.)

    That's one reason why I put corks on the end of my tools. The other reason is it helps keep them from getting nicks in the cutting edge.
    I have began using the new artifical corks; they are made from a resin that grips the tools better than real cork.

    If you have a favorite resturant, (not Taco Bell) you can ask them to save the wine corks for you. Bags of corks can sometimes be found in second-hand stores, or you could start a collection yourself if you are real thirsty.

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    Re: Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it

    I've had good luck with clear plastic hose. It's available at hardware stores for about a buck or so a foot. Comes in several sizes.
    Take care,&&Butch &&&&I know there's a carving somewhere in all that extra wood!


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      Re: Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it

      If you just smack them a time or two on the edge with a hammer, they don't cut as bad.. :


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        Re: Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it

        Hey Rick do you get the on gallon size jug for the wider knives? I told my wife that I got some great advice from a professional carver and to head to the store for my favorite grape....I don't think she is buying this one...thirty-two bottles of wine.


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          Re: Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it

          I'm imagining Hi Ho's and Ric's wives getting together, getting sloshed on the wine, and bopping both guys in the head with that hammer :-)



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            Re: Put a cork [s]in[/s] on it

            :P who you been talking too? 8)


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            • markdavd
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              When a blade slips out, the tendency is to tighten it more. Make sure you haven't over-tightened the clamp forcing the sides apart. Most OEM clamps are made from soft aluminum so once it starts they will continue spreading and it will be near-impossible to keep the blades in place.

              Today, 10:03 AM
            • Sandy Oaks
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              Blade slippage is a function of the blade clamp holder and or the set screw and thumb screw with swivel.
              Today, 09:40 AM
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              Tricia what saw do you have? Does the blade slip or it just won’t tighten?
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              Are yoou sure that your not puting the blades to far up in the top clamps,. ( l learned thst the hard way)...
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              Have you tried to rough up the thumb screws tips? How old are the blade clamps? may be time to replaced them.
              Today, 06:48 AM