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Looking for a band saw

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  • Looking for a band saw

    Ok great people who have helped me before.
    I'm looking for a good bandsaw with a nice size throat
    and min. of 6' of clearance for sawing blocks.
    Please let me know any out there new or good condition

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    Re: Looking for a band saw

    Look or post here:



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      Re: Looking for a band saw

      Personally I think your best bet would be to get a 14' bandsaw. Like any of the new 14' delta, or rigid bandsaws. There is a good 14' on amazon I think for, $400. It is well worth it to buy a 14' over a 12' because the 14' have height attachments that extend the cutting from like 6 1/2' to 14'. The height attachments cost like $70, but you really should get the 14' incase you ever decide you need to cut a bigger block.


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        Re: Looking for a band saw

        We have created a MONSTER

        Really, BC, I applaud your enthuasism. I was a lot more interested in computer games and the female species when I was your age (Listen to me, I'm 28 and saying things my dad used to say) and carving was definately second to that. YOu've taken what we've said on the board and run with it. GOOD for YOU!!!



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          Re: Looking for a band saw

          OK I am going to throw our monster a curve....good quotes however bc LOL!!! The best buy I believe out right now for a 14' bandsaw is the Grizzly ..I think the number is G055..but not positive, anyway, it is a 14in, includes the fence and square, which my ridgid did not and it cost me $$ the Grizzly also has the automatic tension bar which is about 150.00 after market....all at a price about 150.00 or more.. less than my Ridgid....which is by the way a good saw and I am happy with it, just is nice to get something at a better price tho too! You can get the riser for the Grizzly also to increase the throat depth.


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            Re: Looking for a band saw

            Here's the link for the Grizzly online store They have huge toy store over in Springfield Missouri that's about 100 miles or so from here, great stuff and good prices!


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              Re: Looking for a band saw

              They don't mention the automatic tension bar? Wonder if they stopped that??


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                Re: Looking for a band saw

                Bottom line
                How much money are you willing to spend

                Lowes and Home depot has band saws starting at around $100 and the price goes up from there depending on the size and features you want sure this accomodate 6 inch wood

                Woodcraft has a 12 inch starting around $350


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