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    Although art orientated, I have never done any wood carving before. My inspiration came from when my elderly neighbour asked if I would cut his apple tree down for him, ( I would have refused normally, as I hate to cut down a live tree ) but the tree has hampered his access to his back garden for years. Anyhow, I cut the tree down and I decided to carve one of the many logs.
    I initially used a chain saw...the one I used to cut the tree down with :'( and I carved the log into a contemporary shape. My problem is I now need a POWER tool to shape finer details in my carving. Does anyone know of such a tool. I would imagine there are tools in existance....but I seem to have difficulty in finding them. :
    If there is anyone out there who could recommend one ...I would be very gratefull. Many

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    Desi - Wood Carving Illustrated publishes a power carving manual and all three of them are available as back issues. When you first come on the site instead of coming to the message board try either 'subscribe to wci' or 'wood carving illustrated' one of those two has a back issues option (can't remember which). The power carving manual should have sources to everything you need.


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      You could try a proxxon power chisel with bits or if you prefer get some supply catalogs and use hand/mallet chisels


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        Re: POWER TOOLS

        You could try a proxxon power chisel with bits or if you prefer get some supply catalogs and use hand/mallet chisels


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          Re: POWER TOOLS

          There are several ways to get detail with power.

          1.You can buy a carving bar or two for your chainsaw and do the entire carving with the saw.

          2. You can buy an Arbortech grinder for the details.

          3. You can try different cutting techniques with your present saw and bar to see what results you get.

          Remember that chainsaw caving is dangerous and the use of goggles, gloves, and protective leggings is definitely recommended.


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            Re: POWER TOOLS

            Ditto to all of the above I also now start most of my carvings with a chainsaw. I have a Husky 141 with a 12 inch carving bar and 1/4 inch chain. Nice little saw very light and I use it like a paint brush. The Proxxon power carver is excellent also if you want a work horse the Arbortech power chisel is great and removes a lot of wood fast. The Skil power chisel to me is the best, problem is they dont make it anymore it takes the Flexcut chisels. I own all of these and I am very happy with them all. Riobi also made a power chisel I have one and it works fine on small work but again I dont think they make it any more. As I said before I only start with a chainsaw or power chisel but always finish my carvings with a mallet and chisel or palm tools I only use the power tools to take the wood away. Hope this is some help to you good luck and keep us posted to your progress.
            Colin Partridge


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