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    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We have many popular discusions about tools but I haven't seen anything on tool boxes or tool storage. I use mostly Flexcut and have bought most as sets so I have several seperate boxes and a handful of individual tools of other brands. I am thinking of building a box in which the tools will be inserted in a hole and stand vertical. Maybe a drawer for strops, magnifier, etc. If you have a homemade tool box you're proud of please post a picture. I need a few new ideas before I start.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ah Chip

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    Re: Tool Boxes

    Hi Chip I didnt build my box but purchased a wooden machinest tool chest. at my local Ace hardware. It has 4 pull out drawers and a hinged lid, suitable for in house use. Took thin sheets of foam rubber , outlined my knifes and gouges cnd cut pockets for each tool . I use the space at the top for my strops and various tools.
    Hope this helps



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      Re: Tool Boxes

      I saw one of the catalogs that has a really nice tool box in it just like the one you describe. It was one of the catalogs that is only black and white, not one of the fancy color ones. A number of places have little wooden chests which make a good unit. Also, you can find books on tool boxes that have all kinds of units in them, though I don't recall one like the one you suggest.

      I personally prefer a tool roll and one of those soft tool bags. It only takes the amount of room I need and the bag has room for my other needs as well (strop, stones, glove, etc.) Of course, I have several tool rolls. Where do those things come from???

      A fellow in our carving club made a unit that has a built-in apron. You can walk up to the area where you want to work, open it up, put the apron loop around your neck, and have at it. It wouldn't catch all of my chips, but it is a good idea.

      Sorry I couldn't supply a pattern.


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        Re: Tool Boxes

        My 'tool box' is an old briefcase and a few small Plano 'tackle boxes' from K-Mart. The boxes have movable dividers are great for organizing your tools. This way when I go to club I can grab one thing and know I have all my stuff.

        Good whittlin, Cliff
        Charles City, Iowa


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          Re: Tool Boxes

          I've got a rack for my full and midsized tools (permanent cause I don't ever take them anywhere). A couple tool rolls for my sausage handle tools (don't know if you'd call them palm tools or not). A 'Bait Box' from WalMart (like a plano tackle box, but has a handle) for a bunch of palm tools and a cigar box for another bunch of palm tools. Plus a machinists chest with more full sized tools. Do I use them all? Heck no! Am I gonna buy more? You betcha!


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            Re: Tool Boxes

            Plano #758 is a 4 drawer an a large compartment in the top for straps an other large items .I have one an my Flex cut tools fit in drawers O.k.Bass Pro ,Wal-Mart,carry Plano Box`s.
            Ila Don
            Ila Ga.


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              Re: Tool Boxes

              Ah chip,

              I made a 4 drawer box out of Basswood. 13' high, 15' wide, drawers are 16 inches deep.

              Sectioned off drawers to fit my tools. Top drawer is for misc. items. Next one down is full of knifes. Next one palm tools, gouges chiseles and V tools. These three are 2' deep.
              The next drawer down is 4' deep and holds several cutouts, plus some smaller carvings.There is about 1/4' space between the bottom of this drawer and the bottom of the box. I use this space for paperwork

              I used basswood because I will do some relife carving on it at a later date.

              Will try to get a picture on Picturetrail Site.



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                Re: Tool Boxes

                I was able to get 2 pictures in at picturetrail. Check out Other Album. Hope this is of help



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                  Re: Tool Boxes

                  Woody: Beautiful tool box



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                      Re: Tool Boxes

                      Excellant work. Thanks for the pictures.
                      Ah Chip


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                        Re: Tool Boxes

                        This list is great.
                        I was in the local department store with my wife. She went to look at clothes and I went to the sporting goods section. Thanks to Cliff's suggestion I snatched a few plano boxes and they fit right into my carving tool box. Now my tools are not rattling around any more.

                        Thanks Bunches,
                        May the Lord Bless You and Yours,&&Don&&


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                          Re: Tool Boxes

                          Wow Woody. That sure beats my fishin tackle box!

                          If you ever start making those to sell, let me know.


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                            Re: Tool Boxes

                            I use a tool bag from Rubbermaid.
                            Most of my tools fit in both sides and have enough room to have some projects. Has pockets on the outside which hold strope and files. Just pick it up and go. Makes it safer also. the little bride does get upset with me carving in the house and blacken my eyes ! :Of course, if I hadn't carved her a baseball bat!!!
                            Sah=fe and happy carving,

                            Kenny S
                            Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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