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  • Arbortech mini grinder

    Hi everyone,
    I am a novice power carver interested in using an Arbortech Mini Grinder. It looks safe and can
    do versatile work from sculpture to relief carving. I would like to hear from anyone who
    has used Arbortech tools though (including their Mini Grinder if possible) before I commit to purchasing.
    If you have an opinion on this or any advice on power carving, I'd like to hear it.

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    Re: Arbortech mini grinder

    You are talking to someone that owns three Arbortech tools. I have the mini grinder, the power chisel and the big grinder. I have nothing bad to say about any of the tools. The mini grinder was the first one I purchased it sure removes a lot of wood in a hurry and I have never had it bind or catch it is super safe. What I would advise though is that you get the carbide blade for it if you are carving anything big or hard. I find that the harder the wood the better the minigrinder works. The large grinder is very powerful and can remove a lot of wood fast, it comes with the carbide tip.
    The Arbortech Chisel is a work horse and really is great for large carvings and that is mostly what I do I am a tree sculptor. I would caution you if you purchase the chisel that you are careful not to pry with it, it will snap the chisel. Arbortech are very good and will replace any chisel broken but it can take some time.
    Hope that I have been of some help to you if there are any other questions you need answered please dont hesitate to contact me


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      Re: Arbortech mini grinder

      I defer to Colin's experience here but I have been considering the same purchase and it was sugested that I buy the mini-grinder with the grinder attatched. I guess it can be a bear to set up. I'm great at passing on hear say .



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