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    There are some people that suffer back pain and have come up with some possible aids to ease the pain. One was elevating the rear legs of the scroll saw. I tried this (3") and it seemed to help. I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back and the pain can extend from there into my left leg. This has limited my scroll saw time to about 10-15 minutes at a time before I have to take a break. I may have discovered another possible temporary cure. I sit kind of side saddle. I assume the position in front of my saw, keeping my back fairly straight, and turn my upper body to the left so I am sort of looking along my right shoulder. So far this has extended my sawing time considerably. Others with back problems may want to try this to see if it can help. If anyone else has any ideas, please let us know what they discovered.
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    Check this out,
    I know this isn't for everybody, but I have been suffering with back and hip pain on a daily basis for 3 years now, countless trips to the Dr. sleepless nights and pain pills. A friend of mine has one and invited me over to try his out. Well my first 5 min. spent on it was all I needed, I ordered one and it has changed my life. I spend 20 min. a day on it, no more numbness down my leg and foot, I sleep better, I haven't been to a Chiropracter or had to take any muscle relaxers or pain pills since adding this to my daily routine.

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      Seen the program on inversion tables on QVC this morning and looks like a good investment if you suffer from cronic back pain.

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        Hey Hillbilly! Doesn't your stock fall of the table when you're upside down using the saw? How do you hang the saw from the ceiling?

        Lower back pain and bulging disc's seem to be a normal thing today with 60% of America's male population over 50 (or those who played hard as a teenager). I put up with similar problems while I was doing remodeling during my 40-50's. It got to the point I couldn't wear my tool belt because it pressed on my hips and tilted my back so bad. Standing for more than an hour could put me to my knees. After denying there was aproblem for 10 years, I finally went in for an MRI when working on my Model A was becoming hard to do. They found 4 ruptured disc in the lower back and 5 in the neck. After fusing the ones in the lower back I found the sitting problem all but went away. I still get 4-5 shots in the back area they can't fix or neck (whichever seems to be the worst at the time) every 6 months because the deterioration of my bones is stopping any further operations, but it's better than it was. My advice to you is see a good orthopedic doctor now. It won't get any better as you get older and it's nothing to ignore. It sounds like the nerves are being pinched because the area of the disc called the facets is narrowing to the point it's pinching the nerve. If it's not corrected, permanent damage can result and the disc could rupture to the point where the spinal fluid will leak out. It could be an easy procedure like going in and just making that area larger to give the nerve more room.

        I'll get off my soap box now... I just hate to see anyone suffer when they can fix just about anything now and you can be back on your feet in 4-8weeks. By the time my Dad was 40 he had already had 4 back operations. Knowing that, I was stupid and tried to ignore my problem.
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          In general terms, the beginning of lower back pain may just mean the absence of abdominal muscles. Weak abs means that the lower back muscle will try to take over when they give out and they are not designed for that kind of load. Some crutches or ab work every other day and you'll be surprised that the lower back feels better.


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            I used to have a lot of back trouble, I go to the fitness center 5 times a week now and do a lot of abdominal exercises. I have very little trouble with my back now.

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              Back pain made me give up golf. Not too much of a problem -- golf had given up on me a long time before. I went to a neurologist once and after a lot of whoop-ti-do he said the scientific name for what you have is a "sore back." Learn to live with it until it gets so bad you can't.
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