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  • I found it!!!

    This was my very first intasia project I think that's what it's called, Anyway when we moved I lost it back in September 06. I drew it off of a pic I saw online can't remember the kind of Crosses name though well I found it and thought I would share thanks for looking.Jerry
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    I know that in quilting it would be called flying geese. Don't know the name in intarsia. Very nice work.
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      Looks great. What woods are those??????????? Dale

      edit.. Oh I see it better now. its all the same wood, just stained differently. Sure looks nice though.
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Thank you very much, Sorry I didn't get back sooner cable trouble.Jerry Thanks again
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          Duke, that is really nice, you say that was your first. I love the way you stained it. tell me my friend , How in the world , could you lose such a nice piece. bet your happy now HUH. Evie


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            Lost it in the moving process,But thank you for the kind words.Jerry
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              Nice piece Duke. Wouldn't it be more aptly called segmentation? I'm glad you found it. It's always a pleasure to find old treasures.

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