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  • Steebar??

    Anybody ever deal with these guys?? I placed an order and my CC was charged 2-1/2 weeks ago and I still have not received my order. I started sending them emails after 10 days and am now up to five and none have been given a response. I hate to spend the money on a long distance phone call since they are the problem; but I may have to as they apparently don't have an 800 number. GRRRRRRR!!

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    I did business with them, but its been over 5 years ago now. Hopefully they didnt catch the wildwood flu ! If you cant get ahold of them, you may try contacting someone at to see if they know of another way to get ahold of them, because it is their patterns that steebar is selling. Be sure to let us all know how it works out, bad OR good. Dale
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      I have dealt with Steelbar a couple of times and I have nothing good to say about them. I won't make the same mistake again...!!!
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        After some more investigative work on the Internet and several message boards, I finally found a way to contact unpublished 800 number. I thought I was talking to a "used car salesman"; but they did agree to send me a refund and it arrived about a week later. If anyone else out there is having trouble contacting them, try this number: 1-800-653-1930(this # is "NOT" listed on their web site!!). Originally, they had this line hooked up to an answering machine after hours; but, apparently, it is now hooked up to a fax machine. Don't call them before 10 or after 4 or you may not get through.

        And now, here is another current experience with Steebar. A guy in New Zealand posted on another forum that he was having some trouble with his order and needed some help since Steebar was not replying to his emails.

        The original order was placed in the middle of March and I got involved in the middle of April. Steebar said the ordered items were on back order and were expected shortly. Said lack of response was due to problems with their email provider. Did not have any explanation for why charges were made to the credit card when the items were not in stock.

        A month later(mid April), the items were still not available and their email was still not working so we requested a refund.

        A month later(mid June), the credit had not been received and their email was still not working. Explanation-oversight, we’ll take care of it; but not the slightest hint of an apology.

        About a week later the credit finally showed up; but their email is still not working!!

        Anyone think an Internet seller can provide good/any customer service without a functioning email capability??

        Three plus months to extract a credit for a charge that should have never been made in the first place!!!
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          They certainly sound like a company to avoid. Makes you wonder how some of these people stay in business.

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