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  • Knives

    I posted a picture of three knives I made last weekend.
    The handles are Curly Maple, Monkey wood, and Maple burl.
    They are small 1 inch blades. I have 16 more in various stages of completion.

    I am also nearly finished with the kitchen remodeling.

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    Re: Knives

    Great knives, Rick! That bottom one looks like a perfect fit, I really like the looks of the handle on it. Are you as good at remodeling as you are at making knives?? Callynne


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      Re: Knives

      Almost as good, but not nearly as fast.


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        Re: Knives

        Hi Rick...the knives look really good! How did you manage to make 3 in one day? What did you use for the blades?


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          Re: Knives

          Making three in one day is not a problem if I get free time to work on them.
          I use 3/16 diameter O1 tool steel dowel for small knives, it is pretty inexpensive and can be worked with a propane torch.


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            Re: Knives

            Hey Rick, saw the pictures of your knives. They look good.
            Where do you get the 3/16 diameter o1 tool steel dowel from?
            Can you get get this at home centers ? This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Any info would be helpful.


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              Re: Knives

              I buy mine at a company in Kent, Washington called Summerville Steel.
              7010 S. 188 th St.
              Kent, WA 98031

              (800) 552-5030

              (425) 251-5993

              The steel dowel sold at hardware stores are usually not high carbon steel.


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                Re: Knives

                hey rick
                great knives! i really like the handles .
                GOOD JOB!



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                  Re: Knives

                  thanks for the info on the tool dowels. I will have to check
                  that out.


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                    Re: Knives

                    Thanks, I like using a variety of woods; I just cut out 25 spalted madrona handles.
                    I bought a pickup load of Quilted, Fiddleback, and Burl maple last month. I am drying it in my garage, should be ready by the end of summer.

                    Need to get the garage cleared out soon, I have a shipment of Minnisota basswood coming and need room to get it cut and planed.

                    It should be a nice summer, I don't have another show until August. Perhaps I can get some work done around the house.

                    I did finish the kitchen floor this last weekend, it actually turned out pretty nice.


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                      Re: Knives

                      did you do the floor in hard wood or tile?


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                        Re: Knives

                        Put down tile, it looks like slate; last time I layed tile was 26 years ago.


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