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Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

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  • Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

    Sorry this is so late in response, but I just got back from the Model Engineering Show in Southgate, MI.

    Depending on which part of the country you are from, here are two suppliers of tool steel rod and bars. Prices ran about 3 and a half bucks for a 3/16' rod or bar and about 4 bucks for 1/4' stock. These were for individual pieces; quantity may be negotiable.

    Both these sources had 02 tool steel but said they could ship T1 and T2 ( I think that's what they offered anyway)

    Blue Ridge Machinery and tools, Inc.
    PO Box 536N, Hurricane, WV 25526

    Free catalog call 1-800-872-6500

    ASAP Source
    A division of LTEK Industries, Inc.
    2284 S. Industrial
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Toll Free 1-877-668-0676

    I know this is a woodcarving/working forum, but this show was remarkable in the skill and inventiveness of the participants! There were several realy fine mechanical models made from wooden parts turned on a lathe and a lot of beautiful millwork parts. Also some wooden model boats all done to scale and some powered by very remarkable miniature machined engines, both gas powered and steam powered.


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    Re: Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

    Al , if you were my next door neighbor and I could pick your brain on making knives......I would do it in a second!


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      Re: Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

      Rick Ferry is the one who's brain you want to pick on making knives and steel treatment; I just follow his advice! I've made a few, but picked up the treatment from an old machine shop volume my dad had back in the '20s. Methods still work, though!



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        Re: Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

        I found an online supplier for steel,

        Crucible Steel

        The steel I use is called 'O1 drill rod'
        Mainly because the temperature requirements can be met with a propane torch.


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          Re: Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

          Rick, I've used that 01 drill rod, too, and it hardens and tempers well. I got that snail mail from Brownell's Gunsmith Supply. They are either in Kansas or Missouri, as I recall. Got an old catalog around here somewhere: see if I can find it. They have a lot of metal and heat treating supplies.



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            Re: Metal Suppliers for Making Knives

            Tool steel can be purchased from most industrial supply stores that have retail sales facilities. I found that W1 works quite well and can be water quenched. O1 is admittedly better but requires an oil quench. A one-brick forge can be made to heat the steel for forging and a picture of my first forge can be seen on my website.


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