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Carving pipe vise

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  • Carving pipe vise

    Awhile back before the 'crash' someone had listed a pipe vise with a ball for adjustment. I can't remember who listed it, and I forgot to save it. Can someone please list it again. I saw one on a carving tape that was made from a dentists or barbers chair, really sharp, to raise it you just stepped on the pedal.



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    Re: Carving pipe vise

    For the pipe clamp you don't need a plan. I made mine in the hardware store from iron pipe, just had to tighten and mount when I got home. Here is how I did it.

    First select the flange that you think will fit most of your work (in the round). 3 to 4 inch dia should do. The flange will be treaded, find the short piece of pipe say 10' long that is threaded the same as your flange. Buy three or four of each so you can have several project going at one time. Next look for a thread eye bolt large enough to accept the stem of the work peice flange. Now back to the pipe department. Find a tee that the ring on the eye bolt will not pass through, idealy the stem of the flange assembly should contact the flat edge of the tee. On the otherside of the top of the tee you'll need the shortest piece of threaded to fit a a cap. drill a hole in the cap to allow the eye bolt to pass thru. Make sure you have enough thread on the eye bolt to reach and include a washer. Thread on a nut, get a self locking it only a nickel more. Last look for a flange a 6 to 10 inch piece of pipe to become the stand. Tighten mount to the bench or a board that can easily be clamped to your bench.

    Mine cost about $45 to create and everything was off the shelf except for the hole drilled in the cap. Easy to do, Good Luck,

    Ah Chip


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      Re: Carving pipe vise

      I do not know if this is the one you are referring to but this is the one I use.

      It was created by Lynn Diel

      May the Lord Bless You and Yours,&&Don&&


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        Re: Carving pipe vise

        Ah_Chip & Millhoused: Great, thanks tou you both. That is what I needed. I don't know if I will ever carve anything that big after this project. But like it was said 'He who dies with the most toys........ Wins.

        thanks again



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          Re: Carving pipe vise

          I've been debating making this pipe type of carving vise. Do you think it will hold a 10-15 pound block of wood? How easy is this to work with? In fact, I just got back from Menards and was looking for parts for the pipe vise & had difficulty with the eye bolt. It also seemed to me that the 3/8' pipe supporting the carving might be a little too light weight. What do you think?

          I had preferred a ball & socket type vise though. Does anyone have any plans for making something like that with a trailer hitch/ball?



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            Re: Carving pipe vise

            I have a picture of a holding device made from a trailer hitch ball on my site at We have used it for some pretty heavy things and I think it should hold tight at 15#.

            Check it out...



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              Re: Carving pipe vise

              Thank you all for the links to some pipe carving vises. I was in the Tulsa Woodcraft store and the vises were expensive and now have the plans printed out to build one. I was looking for one to fit on a portable carving table chair combination. It it appears that what ever size the pipe the size of the carving.
              Mucho thanks.

              Saftey first

              kenny S
              Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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                Re: Carving pipe vise

                Sears has/had a carving vise with a ball and socket joint for movement. It mounts to a bench, is heavy duty and easily adjusted. I'm not sure how much they cost, but they're not very expensive and they really work.


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