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  • Drying wood


    I have a lot of wood of two tree of Orange-tree (tree of orange fruit), that I have cut this week.
    This is a good wood to carve it, as they have recommended me.

    My questions are:
    How should I place them to dry off?
    Shoul I cut the wood or leave the trunks without cutting?

    And how long should I leave the wood to dry off?
    one year?

    Some suggestion?

    Thanks Saturno.
    Saturno&&-----------------------&&Regards from the Galaxy.

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    Re: Drying wood

    A lot depends on the size of the wood.
    For most wood I dry, I remove the bark and split the wood in half or quarters, that relieves most of the stress. Then I seal the ends with melted parrifin wax.

    If the trunk is large, I might saw out blocks 2-4 inches longer than I need for carving, seal the ends with parrifin and stand on end with good air circulation (out of the sun).

    Drying time depends on the size and type of wood.
    A small piece 1 inch square x 6 inches long might dry in a week. While a larger piece 12' x 6' x 24' will probably take 3-6 months. Naturally, drying time depends on temperature and humidity.

    Expect 10 to 15 percent loss due to cracks, so dry 10 to 15 percent more wood.

    After you successfully dry some wood, you will always have some drying and will be looking for more.


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      Re: Drying wood

      Thanks Rick.
      I appreciate your information.

      I have trunks in several measures.
      The biggest trunk have a diameter of 14 inches and a lenght of 25 inches, and the smallest have a diameter of 2 inches and a lenght of 30 inches.

      I live near the sea, and the weather is warm and a lot of sun.

      Saturno&&-----------------------&&Regards from the Galaxy.


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        Re: Drying wood

        I am jealous sounds like a great place you live in. I am sure if I lived that close to the ocean, warm with lots of sun I probably wouldnt get too much carving done. Where I live we got snow last October and it didnt leave until a few weeks ago and I have about a 15 hour drive to the nearest ocean.
        I guess I should stop my complaining and answer your question. I agree with Rick if you quarter the wood it will almost eliminate the cracking, if you want to carve the whole log you can but one thing I will garantee is that it will crack. I dont mind the cracks most people dont. You can carve the wood almost right away I find that green wood it delightful to carve it doesnt splinter and carves like butter.
        Hope that I have been of some help and by the way welcome aboard.


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