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    I have logged a little more than 1.6 million miles in a tractor trailer now. You think you've seen it all..naked people in cars or walking around...drunken drivers...police chases...violent crashes of cars and trucks...then the nightmare CB radio stories of kidnappings, murders and any other odd sort of activity. Today about 10 miles north of Ft Wayne, there's a boy sitting behind the fence and in the brush..probably about 14-16 yrs old with a rifle pointing right at me. Did he fire the gun, and was it an actual rifle or a pellet rifle...I have no idea...but that's not too funny. There must have been alot of truckers on 911, because I couldn't get through the line....but I did get confermation on the CB that some people got through and the police where swarmming in. So perhaps I didn't win the 390 million dollar lottery...but at least I'm still here, so it's my lucky day!
    Jeff Powell

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    Thank goodness you are all right! There are a lot of crazies out there. Forutunately I don't drive very much so I don't see a lot of it.

    BTW, did you see 300 over the weekend?

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      300 is an incredible movie. Sure it loses it's facts through hollywood embelishments and it is mostly special effects, but I loved it. Not only do I recomend it, but I say it needs to be seen on a big screen for sure! All the people I know down there were working, so I just went on my own, which is fine too...but it's always nicer if you have some company.
      Jeff Powell


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        i am so pleased we are not allowed guns in this country, this must have been horiffic jeff, never knowing IF he will pull the trigger, thank god you are safe and well.


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          Honestly steve...I wasn't scared at all. It's not because of the obvious, which is that if he pulls the trigger and it's a real rifle..for it to penetrate the windshield and hit me while I'm a moving target at 70 mph is a tough shot...I just didn't have enough time to be anything but driving and looking. It's like a 4 second situation that you can't possible react to mentally or physically. He may have actually fired the weapon and I wouldn't have known, as it could have been a pellet rifle..but a pellet rifle can penetrate a widshield, especially when you are adding 70mph to the speed of the pellet.
          I guess it's no different that walking down the street and getting shot at in a drive by. You see it coming, but it's too late to're either shot or your not.
          Jeff Powell


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            Today is your LUCKY day sure glad you never found out if it was real or pellet but either one would Kill at 70mph just the shock would make you move the wheel at wreck the car

            Anf his parents was ????? and they will do most likely nothing as that would be bad to correct a child
            My dad would have made it hard to sit down still lol


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              Glad nothing bad happened to you Jeff.


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