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  • Progress on The Intimadator

    I've been cutting on this for maybe an hour,aAnd since I tilted my table forward ny cutting time has dropped in half what a differance.I'm 6 hours in now, gonna let the hood be for a couple of days gotta job that's gonna take that log will post when finished.

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    Looking good Jerry, keep posting the pics of your progress. Where did this pattern come from? Seen some nascar patterns but none as detailed at this one. Do you know if there is some of the others out there, or was this done as a tribute?

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      Looking good there so far, Jerry. Just looking at the pattern - that is one heck of a long cut on the front of the car taking in the hood, fender and wheel ..

      As Troy says it would be nice to see some in progress pics ...

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        very nice...there's millions of people that will be wanting to get their hands on that!
        Jeff Powell


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          Thanks guys,I'm allmost done but will post if I don't finish it today.I'll edit the first post Thank Again.Troy the pattern came from that's the one I'm not looking forward to lol. Jeff,I'm hoping on it. BTW a Gentleman by the name of Capt Weasel allready finished one just like this just thought you might like to know.

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