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    I hate to admit, having lived this long, that I do not know how to sharpen gouges!! I have carved with a knife these many years, but recently I was given a fine set of tools by some students and I would like to know of a source reference for proper sharpening of same. At first I could not afford to buy the gouges and then when I could I was too embarassed to admit I couldn't sharpen them if I did I have no excuses...your help,please.

    Gene Riggss

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    ;DRe: Interest and More

    Gouges are no different from knives to sharpen the only difference is that they are curved and not straight. The same principals apply as when sharpening a knife the trick is to keep the same angle throughout the stroke. I use a power strop and the yellow compound I find that unless the tool is damaged there is no need to subject it to a stone. To put the edge back on it just strop it on the leather belt until you get that burr on the edge and then polish it. But having said that there are many on this board that would disagree because there are many ways to sharpen tools and none of them are wrong. My advise to you is watch someone that sharpens their own tools try it and if it works for you and you maintain a keen edge then it is not the wrong way.


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      Re: Interest and More

      I am in totally agreement with Collin. Many different techniques and none is wrong. Find the one that works for you. I use diamond stones and leather strops. I have not used the 'yellow stuff' but have used jeweler's rouges(red) and that works for me, so I use it. I will however look for the 'yellow stuff' and try it.

      Keep looking and trying different techniques.

      Remember safety first, then enjoy
      Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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        Re: Interest and More

        Hi Gene, go on down this page about seven topics and click on 'Sharpening Kit' posted by Captain Bandaid, it describes a very helpful strop made by FlexCut. If you need any help finding it let us know, there are places you can order it if you're like me and no where near a store that sells carving supplies. Callynne


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