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  • What a day!

    Where do i start, i know the beginning's a good place. Woke up this morning after the first full night's sleep for month's and i could'nt believe that i had "no pain", it was something i've never experienced for over 30 years, i still can't get over it. Anway after that i was given my birthday cards etc. and lots of hugs and kisses from my grandson Callum, then phone calls from other family members etc. when i received a call from a lady who i first met about 3 months ago, i had advertised on our local "freecycle" website for any old woodworking tools or timber and this lady "moira" had replied to my ad. When i went to see her she told me her husband had recently passed away after a long illness (cancer) and she wanted to give me some things when she got around to sorting everything out, anyway i came home and forgot about it. Today she rang me and asked me to go down to see her, so off i went and what a surprise i got, there are lot's of tools (chisels,handsaws,planes etc.) some m.d.f. sheets, and plywood sheets too plus trestles and a...............................solid beech woodworkers bench!!!!!
    What a birthday present i'm still pinching myself, i told her i thought it was too good/expensive to give away but she insisted it go to a good home, so i now have to redesign my workshop to fit it in (so still no scrolling at the moment) lol. However i did find out her favourite charity and i will be making a generous donation very soon.So all in all this has been a birthday to beat all birthdays and i still have a few beers to look forward to as well.

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    Sounds like someone likes you today, Kevin. Pleased you had such a great birthday ..

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      Marvelous! Let's hope your health holds up and you get a chance to exploit your windfall .

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        I knew it. Any excuse to put off scrolling for a few more days...
        "If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."

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          hahaha nice one Chris,and thanks Ian and Gill, by the way Gill i've been taking Devil's Claw for a few day's now so it could be my "miracle cure", along with the physio and new exercises. TOUCH WOOD! lol


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            pleased to hear your good fortune kevin, now get outside and sort that shed out..

            ps, whats the devils claw for??


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              Great to hear that you are feeling good and it's nice to have such a beautiful birthday gift.
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                Life can be good

                Good for you,
                DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                  Thanks for the good wishes friends. Woke this morning to find just a little pain but it's an acceptable level i can live with Steve, Devils Claw is something Gill told me about, it's a natural remedy for arthritis etc. Gill's husband uses it and it helped him so i got myself some.


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