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  • 4 books on order

    decided to order 4 scrollsaw books from Foxchapels scratch and dent sale, for those that have not been there yet, the prices are amazingly low compared to the uk, and well worth buying.

    1. Making collector plates
    2. Compound scrollsaw creations
    3. Country Mosaics
    4. Fantasy & medieval mosaics
    look forward to them arriving

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    I did the same thing tonight Steve, truely greatly reduced prices! I couldn't pass up the savings and adding on to my collection.

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      hi bill
      i was just looking at your latest work as you typed, wonderful stuff, really like the depth of the bear picture, and the wedding album is brilliant, sure you need MORE books


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        lol looks like we all had the same e-mail as I too orderd 4 books from the scratch and dent sale
        Scroll Saw Portraits - 1st Edition
        Great Book of Dragon Patterns
        Scroll Saw Civil War Portraits Historic Patterns to Commemorate the Blue and the Gray
        Words of Faith in Wood Artistic Patterns for the Scroll Saw
        looking fwd to getting them all

        And a big Thankyou to our host Fox Chapel
        Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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          I just recieved the books that I ordered and ill be dipped if I can find what is wrong with them.
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            I was disappointed in the quality of the patterns in the Police/Rescue book published in 2000. Others I ordered were okay but Gary Brownings patterns seem more tuned to spiral blades. If you haven't tried those blades or don't like them, the patterns would be hard to cut with flat blades.

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              I order Lora's book of dragons, I cant wait for it to get here.
              I had some of the othe rbooks, so I will wait till Alans next sale
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                What was the P&P cost for shipping to the UK, Steve?

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                  Originally posted by Gill
                  What was the P&P cost for shipping to the UK, Steve?

                  oh, cant remember gill, i must have too much money


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