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  • Burn safe woods...?

    I have alot of scraps,(I mean alot), they're all too small to be anything anymore,(unless I start making jewely, which isn't going to happen), and I would like to give them to my Dad to burn in the fireplace.
    Are there any woods I might not want to burn in the house because of toxic fumes and the like. The woods I primarily have are; Ash, Aspen, Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Hackberry, Lacewood, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar, Satinwood, and Walnut.

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    If he has a good chimney and flue, it shouldn't matter much. All the fumes and smoke created by burning wood is not good for you...

    But if you wanted to be extra cautious, I personally wouldn't burn any manufactured wood or exotics (lacewood, satinwood). But my dad burns all of the rest of those woods in his woodstove.



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      I agree with Bob about the exotic hardwoods, although you should add pine to the caution list since it creates a lot of creosote (sp?) buildup in the chimney which is the #1 cause of chimney fires even if you get your chminey cleaned once a year.

      I do have a suggestion for your small pieces. Make some bird chew toys from them. You know, the kind you just drill a hole in the middle, thread through a rope, leather or chain and hang in a bird cage. My parrot goes through tons of wood and that's where my scraps are going.

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        I would take caution on some woods though. If any of the woods are glued panels the glues could possibly be toxic when burned and inhaled or ingested and some plywoods are even containing formaldahide. I know that there are some warnings on the ply that comes in to our plant about the chemicals that are used to treat it. Please use care when handling and disposing. Steve
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          I heat by wood alone and I would not burn any of this in my stove. No glue or paint. No exotic or fancy. Never, ever any pine or conifer wood. Leaves some gum on the inside of the chimney. Play it safe. Ditch it.
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            I'd burn all the scraps of the woods on your list without even thinking about it. Or, if they are big enough, glue `em up and make some pens
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              I'd burn it all, but not walnut, pine, or plywood. Plywood the dubble usually contains pine which gums up the flue and the glue in the plywood burns black, leaving creosote in the pipes. A couple small scraps of walnut, no big deal, but don't be putting walnut logs in there. Walnut is very carcinogenic....sure all smoke is bad, but walnut can give you chemical pneumonia which is much more deadly than regular pneumonia.
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                There's plenty of walnut in there. Not much plywood, (I work with mostly hardwoods). Though lately I've been messing with BB plywood. But even that's not much. I guess I'll have to sift through it a pull all of the fancier stuff; satin, lace, walnut. I wonder if these are ok in an outdoor fireplace. Any other ideas what I can do with it. We're talkin very used wood Mostly less than one square inch of useable surface, almost all 1/4" thick stock.

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                  Save the small pieces for fire starters or kindling when you go camping!!! That is the way I get rid of all of mine.
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