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    We have about 4" of snow right now. Got the driveway cleared off. It was sleeting while I was out there working and more coming tonight.
    How about everybody else, what is it doing where you live?

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    Well...yesterday it was 68 degrees and sunny. I was painting the outside of my house. Hope to get more done today, tho it's a little ovecast. I know , I know , no sympathy for me , but last week was better , I started out in sunny Las Vegas with the top down on the car, and eight hours later (and 300 miles) I put the top up on account of that evil dark and cold. I can't wait for summer !
    LOL Larry

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      I have not had to shovel the driveway all year so far. We are supposed to get 6-10 inches over the next 24 hours. Can't wait to shovel - really! I love snow!!!!!

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        Rain showers here today but I see the snowdrops and crocuses are blooming.
        Not ready for shorts yet though. We had our share of bad weather last month
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          We had a miserable cold January, but now it has warmed up and had a little rain over the weekend and now we just have a little unsettled weather.

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            Temperature this morning is -34 C and sunny going to a high of -20 C with a windchill of -40 C. Supposed to warm up to -6 for a high on Sat.Woudn`t bet any money on it though,the weather man has been wrong at least once before.
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              Positevly tropical here in NS then :-)
              -14 C with a windchill of -20 C. According to the (very unreliable Weather Network) we're supposed to get up to 0 degrees C by the weekend.. hey summer's coming

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                Mick, - Delta P-20

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                  About 2" of white stuff overnight. Not enough to start the blower, just a nuisance. Zero degrees F with a -20 wind chill. Tomorrow night's prediction is 13 below zero with probably -35 windchill. I'm ready for spring.

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                    It is a "warm" day with minus 20 celsius this morning. Wind has finally died down but we are getting ready for the 25+ centimeters that is to fall tomorrow. Did someone mention shorts??? hahaha!
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                      I'm in the mid-Willamette valley in Oregon. Rained all night but this morning just lots of low clouds, can't see the tops of my hills yet, but no fog on the ground. Temp in upper 40's F. Pretty typical weather for us, but we're low on rainfall this winter which means not a real good snow pack in the mountains. Also rivers are low right now so steelhead aren't coming in, hubby is praying for rain and feeling deprived. He's only caught one this year so far.

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                        Supposed to storm this afternoon. Was almost 70 yesterday and I was stuck in the stupid office when I could have been out on a hiking trail. Of course, the bottom is supposed to drop out the next few days, temperature wise and hopefully will be back in the 50s this weekend so I can hit the trail.

                        As for snow, any of you folks care to share some of the extra you have, ship it my way. I need a yearly dose of it or I get really homesick for WI.
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