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    Probably most of you are saying "When did he leave?" I admit I am mostly a lurker but I do post a little. The last couple of months was not in a mental frame to post anything but hit you all a couple of times. Anyway, about 6 weeks ago I was told I had a tumor and they could not operate on it. I would get more info as they found out more. Believe it or not my first thought was "Not yet, I have too much more to cut". Then for about 5 weeks I was take care of things, last wishes etc. Who I could give my tools to and so forth.
    Last Friday the doctor called me int his office and told me they were wrong and it was just a cyst, no problem, nothing to worry about. There was a giant amount of relief but there was also a pretty good amount of anger. I did some thanking to the One above. And went into the shop and cut the whole weekend. That got rid of a lot of the anger.
    The reason I am posting this, I am like a lot of you. You are my friends just as I am yours. Felt I could talk to you all.
    Chuck D

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    Thanx Chuck. Glad you're ok. I don't pray, but don't have a problem if someone else feels a need to. I had liver cancer last year and did 11 months of chemotherapy..and so I know a little of what you were thinking, as I know my chances were only 10% so I was told, but I put up the fight and I'm still here. I only wish it had been a mistake they made with me. Lets remember..were only human and all the technology in the world is still at it's roots human, so we have to accept the possibilities of errors. I'd be upset, but I'm quick to forgive, and I'd sure be celebrating if I were you. I don't party, or drink, so I'd say "sex for me tonight !"
    Jeff Powell


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      Chuck, I'm glad you are back and I'm especially glad they were wrong. But, what an ordeal to have to go thru. When I first started reading your post, my heart just sunk. I am sure glad it turned out OK.

      I have to admit, I would be awful ticked off too, if I was given this kind of false info. I can't imagine the mental anguish this would cause.

      Anyway, keep making sawdust for at least another 30 years.

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        Nice to see you back, Chuck - and very pleased that the original diagnosis was wrong. I can see why you'd be angry but at least the error was in your favour and hopefully you'll have many more happy years of scrolling ..

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          Chuck, I am sorry that they put you through that scare. But also darned glad that there first diagnoses was a screw up. Welcome Back!!!, Steve
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            You must have been awfully down to start considering who gets your tools. Glad you felt you could unload on your friends here, 'cause that's what friends are for. Next time your in the Doc's office tell 'em you made a mistake. You thought you could pay their bill but further consultation indicates that to be wrong.

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              Originally posted by ChuckD
              . I did some thanking to the One above. And went into the shop and cut the whole weekend.
              The ONE and only above does things for a reason. We seldom figure out why, but he is not done with you and we are happy about that. Welcome back.
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                Chuck -

                Very glad to hear you didn't have the tumor. That must have been a horrible scare. At least they found out before gave away the tools!!

                Best wishes,

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                  Chuck, I can only imagine what all you have been put through and felt, glad it was a mistake, at this point I'm sure everything looks a little brighter and taste a little sweeter as it should.
                  Welcome back!

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                    that's our health care system for you...

                    glad to hear that your still alive...

                    your freind, Trout
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                      Glad to have you back Chuck!!! Dale
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                        It's great that you're still with us .

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                          That is GREAT NEWS Chuck! I hope to have you here for a long, long time!
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                          D. Platt


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                            Oh my gosh, Chuck. I just couldn't believe what I was reading. Am so pleased they were wrong but what a lot of anguish you had to go through. Thanks for posting us the news.

                            Jeff, thanks too for sharing and keep battling on!! And remember one of the reasons we have friends in this world is to help carry the loads, sometimes we help carry the load for others and, in turn, others help carry it for us.
                            Cheers. Teresa .


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                              Chuck, glad to know that you will be with us.
                              Take care of yourself.

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