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Any coin collectors here?

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  • Any coin collectors here?

    This is about as off topic as it gets...

    My Father-in-Law has given me two large boxes of coins. Some in cellophane 'bags' others in plastic cases. I need to determine what everything is worth but don't know where to start.

    Also, how to best protect the value of the collection in the event of theft. do I photograph every piece, buy a good small safe. what?

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    Pickup a copy of "Coin Age" at the magazine store. It has a coin value list.


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      I think as with any collection you should photograph them. I would lay them out and do group shots.
      I would also be very careful of who you get to appraise them. I have heard several stories of dealers undervaluing so that you sell them cheap to them or even switching coins on people. I am sure there is a collector forum that would be happy to give guidance.
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        Some of the coins are going to be worth more for the base metal than the collectors value, silver prices currently are .... $ 16.36 USD / Ounce. Just something to be aware of.

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          Any of you guys collectors? I have several silver dollars in cellophane that have developed small black spots on the coin. Don't know whether this will get worse if I leave them in the packaging.

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            Not a collector, but had a collection we gave to our son. Do not handle these coins out of the protective cover, and the ones with the black not try to clean them. Handling or cleaning with anything will de-value them. Check for coin collector clubs in your area. And pick up some books on coin collecting. But until you know what you are doing, I would do nothing. Except lock them up!


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              Yes, we do. As Sappy said do nothing until you are sure what you have. Look for a local numistic club to begin with. They can point you in the right direction, ie who to trust and who not to trust. Just take a few with you as samples of what you have. Anything in a sealed plastic case keep sealed. They may be proof coins. Hubby does metal detecting and we have all kinds of coins he found. Of course they are all in a safety deposit box.

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                My middle son has been am avid coin collector for over 30 years. The other day, I saw him and I asked him for some advice for you. What he said was too long to put in a quick reply so I PM'ed you with his advice. I hope you got it.

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