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  • a Mickey Mouse Idea

    When I was on vacation I ended up at Disneyland.
    There was a lady there cutting silhouettes freehand with a pair of scissors.
    She used no light, or tracings, you sat down she looked at your profile and in less that 15 seconds she had captured your image.
    My wife and I had a portrait done. I think it was around $7 but I cant remember.

    I would be fascinated to see if anyone could do this scrolling freehand.
    She told me there were around 25 people in the US that make their living cutting portraits freehand.
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    Very nice Carl. I've seen someone do that before and I was amazed watching them. The portraits are accurate. That has to be talent. I have a hard time cutting while following a line ...
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      Disneyland is my FAVORITE place on earth. I really miss it. I had my son's silhoutte done the first time we went, when he was 2. I haven't been back in over 10 years.

      It really is incredible the talent those folks have. I know I could never do that, with scissors or a scroll saw. Somebody would be missing a nose or something.
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        Sunday Morning news had a lady from disneyland doing silhouttes. She was deadly accurate with those scissors.

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          About 5 years ago we also went to Disney and at Animal Kindom there was a guy cutting out names and so on with a scroll saw. Not sure what kind of saw it was tho.


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            I wonder if I could convince a cruiseline to have me cut names freehand
            I could have a Tshirt made up Will Scroll for Food!
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            "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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