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    GRANDSON!! Sarah went to the doctor's today and I'm going to have a grandson!!! Hubby is going to be a teeny tiny bit disappointed cause he wanted a girl but I haven't stopped smiling since!! And this from someone who didn't want to know. I was supposed to go to the doctor's with her but I'm starting with a cold and didn't want to get around her or any of the other pregnant women in the office so she called me and said "If you would have been there you would have seen what it is." She's doing pretty good except she can't eat much and she's still -20 pounds. She goes back in 2 weeks and if she isn't gaining weight or eating any better they will probably put her in the hospital for a bit to give her some IV fluids. The baby's body measures 20 weeks 5 days and she's only 18 weeks along. Going to be a tall one!! Amazing what science can do nowadays!! I'm excited, can you tell? All prayers for Sarah and the baby are appreciated!!


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      Prayers for ALL. I'll bet your face is starting to hurt from smiling all the time. But GEE... you don't look old enough to be a grandma!!!
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        Betty , that is so great. as a gramma my self. I know what you are feeling. so I bet you are planning lots of stuff. LOL. figuers. I am happy for you. and your family. your friend Evie


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          Betty, Sarah, baby and whole family are in our prayers GRANDMA!!! Steve
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            Congratulations granny to be, he'll be here before you know it, then the fun starts.I've got my youngest grandson callum and his mum staying with us at the moment and every morning when i come down stairs he's waiting for me with the biggest smile, now i'm not a morning person but that smile just melts my heart.


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              That is GREAT NEWS!!!!

              Spoil him, pamper him, spin him up and send him HOME to crash!

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                Congrats Grandma Betty. How does that sound? I know the feeling, and it's kinda neat, isn't it? I haven't been called Grandma of course, but you know what I mean.

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                  Congratulations Betty on the new addition. You will enjoy him.
                  I have one grandson only and three granddaughters.
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                    Congrats!!! How are you going to fit schooling and/or job searching into your schedule now, with a scrollsaw AND a grandbaby??? Dale
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                      the next thing you know, you'll be cutting out some tractors for him and grandpa...

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                        Congratulations, Betty, welcome to the club. I've got 3 myself, a set of twins (boy and girl) and a singleton (girl). That great news. Our thoughts and prayers will be with Sarah.

                        Once again, congratulations, Grandma.


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                          Congratulations Betty - hope all goes well. I could feel you smiling in that post ..

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                            congratulations!!!!!!!! There is nothing in the world like having a grandchild. They are special. Bear said it right; love, cuddle, kiss, hug, play with, pamper, spoil, and send them home to be straightened out; then do it again as soon as possible. We would just add one thing... be there for him nonjudgementally when he just wants someone to vent to. Our granddaughter Sarah is almost 4 and I have just finished scrolling the set of shape dominoes from the 2002 issue of SSW&C. I think she will love them. You will find an entire new world of scrolling opening up to you now from simple pull toys to complicated puzzles. Enjoy.
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