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  • 2007 Wants verus Needs

    2007 is quickly approaching, and as many others I am trying to recall the "best" and "worst" of 2006. We see it on TV, celebrity awards, news features, world events of the past year. Mine are a little closer to home. 2006 had some great moments, and some rather challenging ones. I suppose the saying, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger is applicable for me.

    I am not one to make new years resolutions. I can't bring myself to make promises I don't really intend to keep. I do however have some "wants" versus "needs" that will transpire over the next year.

    I "need" to slow down when it comes to scrolling. It has become an addiction. LOL. This is by no means a "want", but a necessity. I use up more wood and time than I can afford. I "want" to take in more woodshows this year. In fact I "need" to get out more. I have been somewhat a house hermit, largely in part to my addiction to scrolling. Time spend in the shop or drawing. I "need" to get out in the community more and get back to volunteering. This year will find me back on the trails and waterways, enjoying the natural resources that are abundant around me.

    I will be returning to work in 2007, again not a "want" but a "need". I "want" to be able to get back to California at some point to visit Sue because friendships are so very important. Lastly and most important, I "need" to spend more time studying and hope to incorporate some of what I learn into my scrolling and other aspects of life.

    So regardless of what you call them, needs, wants, resolutions... I hope each and every one of us takes a moment to be greatful for what we have achieved in 2006, and evaluate how we can improve for 2007. Just be honest with yourself and set goals that are achievable.

    Happy New Year to all

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