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Bummed with the yucky weather!!

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  • Bummed with the yucky weather!!

    Hello everyone! Well, here we are 4 days before Christmas, I need to get things done and we have an ice storm that takes our trees down and takes out our power!! We've been without power since yesterday afternoon!! Being the ever smart, resourceful person my husband is he went to the city and got a generator yesterday, noon before the power went out. So we actually have a few lights, the tv, and... yes the computer running. He did give me the bad news that the last time there was an ice storm (before we got married) he was without power for 17 days!!! I'm going to be optimist and hope for the best!!

    But we are sad about what it has done to our trees!! Anyone that lives in a rural area knows the importance of their trees!! The first photo shows what the top of almost all our trees look like now!! It's a pityful sight!! But we still have a home and none of the downed trees hit it!!!




    Cathy (being optimistic in Nebraska!!)
    Cathy in NE

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    Hi Cathy,

    I feel for you.

    Being in Quebec = Been there done that.

    May you still have happy holidays, a merry Christmas and a happy New-Year

    Good luck and may the powers that be look over you during this hardship.

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    NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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      In southern Ontario we are experiencing extremely mild weather. The grass is still green and I find it very scary. I wonder what other weather phenomenum is going on somewhere else. Although I enjoy the mild temperatures I wonder what havoc will result in the next few years. It seems to me the seasons are changing, in Ontario at least, all our seasons seem to be a couple months later then we're use to. I would like to see some snow, or at least some colder temperatures. Our weather, right now, feels like early Autumn, with the squirels running around gathering food, and the birds are building nests. My lilac trees have buds on them, and my pussy willow looks like it's ready to spurt puzzies. This dosen't usually happen until Feb. It's so mild, we still have ladybugs buzzing around. Very strange, very strange indeed. I think there must be some scientific happening going on that the weather scientists are not telling us about.
      Maybe Global warming is something we should be concerned about.


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        We killed some mosquitoes last week. That's freaky
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          Hi Cathy,

          The weather sounds like you are getting a second whammy of a lot of snow on top of that ice. What are you doing for heat? and cooking? It's been a long time since I've been in a really bad ice storm. Not to discourage you, but the last one I was in took down so many electric poles that my grandfather had to move into town from his farm. Storm happened in February. They restored power to his house in May. It just took that long to get all of those poles replaced that broke. Hopefully yours just took a few trees down and didn't knock down a lot of those poles.

          You won't forget this Christmas for a while!


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            Hi Cathy

            I'm glad you've got some sort of power arrangement up and running. The last anyone needs as Christmas approaches is a loss of electricity to the kitchen.

            We've been blanketed with fog for the last few days and it's real Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sort of stuff. Internal flights from many airports have been canceled and Heathrow has had to accommodate up to 40,000 displaced passengers. Fortunately, we haven't had the sort of motor vehicle pile-ups that occur so often when visibility is poor - touch wood!

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              Originally posted by Marsha
              Maybe Global warming is something we should be concerned about.
              Try telling that to the present Canadian Government ...

              The grass is still green here in NS too - and we had a ladybug in the kitchen yesterday. We still have some violas flowering in the garden!

              There seems to have been a lot of extreme and unusual weather all over the world in the last few years.

              Anyhow, Cathy, I hope you do get your power back soon and that you can enjoy your Christmas.

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                Originally posted by Marsha
                Maybe Global warming is something we should be concerned about.
                YES IT IS.

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                  hey cathy, sorry to hear about your trees there, but i gotta say, i love your photos, especially the 3rd one, its brilliant. Any chance of a bigger pic?


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                    Made it to town this morning to socialize with the 10.00 AM coffee crowd and then do some last minute shopping.
                    Then snow started dumping in here so quick that we barely made it up the mountain side road off the highway up to our house on the way home . One more inch of snow and we would have been walking up (again) . I miss my previous vehicle which was 4 WD.

                    So it looks like we are snowed in for Christmas . Weather forcast is predicting snow for the next few days. Plows won't come out to plow the roads until it quits. It's a total white out right now when looking out the window so we are lucky we made it home. Only 6 miles but that's far enough on mountain roads when it's like this. Thousands of feet of straight drop-offs on the sides of the highway with no guard rails.

                    Oh well, we rented seven DVD movies so I guess we will just eat turkey and watch movies or play on the computer.

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                      Sorry of your recent storms. Like Steve said, your photos are brilliant, and I can see a nice zaffino or jediscroller pattern in those photos!!! Dale
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        Heard about the storms while we were in Barbados last week. Now we are back home in Florida. Yes, I'm bragging. Sorry.



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