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  • Christmas Humour

    I have been married since 1979. It is remarkable that my wife could last that long.
    One of the secrets to a long lasting marriage is to give your spouse what they ask for.
    This year I asked Nadine what she would like for Christmas.
    Since we are going on a cruise to Mexico in January she told me she would like a light housecoat.

    Never being one to miss an opportunity to please my wife I searched high and low. Not the easiest thing to find this time of year. So I did the next best thing I made her one!

    I actually did find one and bought it, along with some sparkly jewelry. You can't go wrong with sparklies.

    ps yes I know I put the sleeves on the wrong side and they look upside down!
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    LOL, ah Carl.... you're a "keeper".

    Very well done. (still giggling)

    Take care


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      What size blades did you use?

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        Originally posted by Gill
        What size blades did you use?
        .. and what's the best finish to use on housecoats?

        You're obviously a man of many talents, Carl.

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          I've heard some people say that scrolling is like using a sewing tell us, Carl, is using a sewing machine like scrolling?

          It must be because you did a fantastic job!



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            Originally posted by CanadianScroller
            ... It is remarkable that my wife could last that long...
            So Carl, did you think you got a model that would only last for 10 years before she would wear out? Have you had to replace any parts yet? If so, which ones?


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              Carl, that is quite the "lighthouse coat". Do they have lighthouses in Mexico?

              Bob, I did a little sewing a few years ago and I and when I was scrolling the other night I did have the impression that it was similar.
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                Carl-- You did a great job-And being the sweet hubby that you are for going to all the trouble to make her a light house coat ( wait --didn't I see lighthouses on that ?? )-that makes it all the more special-- If she ever gets tired of you I know a old woman you can adopt. loll


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                  Too funny Carl.

                  I'm crying from laughing so hard. I hope she has a great sense of humor, but something tells me that being married to you she would have to have one.

                  You must tell us what her reaction is.

                  Too funny.
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                    Carl! That is a riot. She'll love it
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                      Hehehehe, I love it Carl! Too funny.
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                        Confession time

                        I did not sew it, although I can sew, I made it at work this morning in 20 minutes using glue sticks.

                        It is also very small maybe big enough for a todler. I only used 1/2 yard of fabric

                        Nadine will love it..she is a great wife. I could wrap an old dinner napkin and she would think it was a gift of love.
                        I am pretty lucky.
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