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    So...what sort of tools, toys, etc., does everyone have on their list?

    I got a used tablesaw early (it was an great deal; $45 for a belt-driven, old-school craftsman with a cast iron table), but I'm asking for a good miter unit for the saw and a good blade from my parents, and perhaps a 18 volt cordless circular saw...

    My wife got me something in a big box (not sure what)

    What is everyone else asking for (aside from world peace, and goodwill among all humans)?


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    I would like a spindle sander but I decided we're not exchanging gifts this year.

    We really don't need anything and the hubby is nearly impossible to buy for. His birthday gift from last year is still sitting partially wrapped in the computer room. He never wants anything and so to save us both the trouble and expense, we're not exchanging gifts.

    I do plan to make him one of Toni's Metay Moose . Hopefully, I can get it done before Christmas.
    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


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      I am wanting a spindle sander also but so far am not sure what brand to look at or purchase. I make a lot of puzzles, and other small items. I have the belt sander by Delta but if you don't hang onto the wooden piece you can get some serious damage.....making oven rack pulls.

      cutting up one piece at a time


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        I was going to buy the Jet Spindle sander with some of my craft fair proceedes but my wife saw what I was doing and told me not to. So I suspect that is what she will buy me or has bought me.
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          A router table and a drum sander, sadly though it will probably be another Old Spice or Brut gift pack.

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            Hey Todd at least you will smell good.
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              Bob I hope the box your wife got does not include a table saw
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                Eww Todd -- my favorite fragrance in the whole wide world for men is old spice- My Daddy ( step-dad but my DADDY ) wore it and his momeries are the wonder smell of his old spice. _when he passed in 93 I got his old spice botttle and his shaving mug and brush- along with a lot of his other "little things " and I have kept them on a shelf just for him in my master bathroom.Those are wonderful memories to me to smell Old Spice-if you get that can I sniff you?



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                  We're not exchanging either. New stove, expensive car tags and unplanned medical expenses kinda put a damper on that. BUT if we were, I'd probably ask for disk/belt sander. the kind with the narrow belts.

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                    I got a DW788 this Christmas, got it early. I'm not getting another Christmas present until I've sold enough scrollings to pay for the saw. haha.
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                      I see the spindle sander is a popular choice. I have that, and I know she won't buy a big drum sander, so I went with a realistic request, a Leigh dovetail jig. And of course the old reliable standby is wood, any wood is fine. I'll take a case of beer with that too.
                      what I don't want is another...well, u know...SWEATER !!!!
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                        Christmas wish list

                        A new scroll saw is on my list, but we aren't exchanging either. Both of us are woodworkers and we tend to buy things throughout the year. Money is tight right now, so we'll just take care of gifts for the grandkids.


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                          As I said elsewhere, I know I'm getting a graphics tablet for my computer. I've also asked for some proper artists brushes; mine are several years old now and I could do with some new ones. Not that I'll throw the old ones away... perish the thought!

                          In a perfect world Santa would bring me a drum sander, but it ain't going to happen because they're so hugely expensive.

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                            My new Dewalt 788 was a joint anniversary Christmas gift from my lovely wife, I got her in return for me getting the saw a Brother computerized emmbroidery machine so other then outside family gifts we have probably gotten each others
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                              I would really like a Nikon D80 digital SLR with a 400 mm fixed length lense, but world peace is more likely. So I will settle for quality time with my family.

                              -Just do'in the best I can every day


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