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  • First sale!

    Seven months, more thousands of dollars than I care to admit, and easily 1,000 hours into my little puzzle venture, and I made my first sale today!

    Long story short, a lady e-mailed me mainly because my puzzle boxes resemble an object in her photo (!!) featuring her friends' granddaughter. After I planned and quoted the puzzle, she sent me another photo and now I'm making TWO 120 piece puzzles as gifts for some very lucky grandparents.

    This comes at a good time, because it was looking like a BROWN Christmas Kinda wish Google would get around to indexing my website.

    Feels GREAT!


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    Ohh Lucky You-- but maybe it isn't luck-- it may just be talent-
    I am ticled when someone gets to actually get to see income from their work. Heck me I take anything in payment as long as I don't have to feed it or clean up after it or call it "Dear:-- a few I do call Darlin tho -- lol.
    I have been advised to set up my own web site but I haven't a clue as to how- Maybe we could use instructions on this too.


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      Congratulations, Pete. The first sale is something to feel good about. I remember mine - a $5 piece and it seemed like being given a gold nugget!!!! I still don't put much focus on sales - just a couple of shows a year and a few private sales give me enough to purchase the bits I need which is the way I like it. I do hope your show goes well for you. Goodluck!
      Cheers. Teresa .


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        Congrats Pete! The first sale is a great feeling.
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          way to go Pete on your first sale, I can still remember my first sale from 4 years ago its a good feeling
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            Congratulations, Pete. I'm pleased that your venture is starting to pay off.

            So did your first customer find you online?

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                Way to go Pete. You have now reached "pro" status. There is no turning back now. Whether the first sale brings $5 or $50 or $500, it's still a great feeling that someone appreciates your work of art enough to dole out cash for it. That sale will probably generate more.

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                  Thanks to all for your kind remarks. I can't really afford a hobby, so yesterday was an important day.

                  Originally posted by SharonW0111
                  I have been advised to set up my own web site but I haven't a clue as to how- Maybe we could use instructions on this too.
                  Probably your web service comes with a free site, or you can get one at Yahoo or Google. They have tools for setting up your pages, so you don't have to know HTML.

                  I think a very important use of a website is as a catalog. Your friends and satisfied customers can point people to your site, where they can learn more about you. You can put the site on your business cards and product labels.

                  I's also important to have a strategy for getting customers to find you. For example, if you put up a site about scrolling, your traffic will mostly be other hobbyists. This isn't all bad, because you will gain friends and referrals. For example, if anyone were to ask me about decorative scrollwork (which I would be a total noob at), I'd come right here and get some names.

                  Now if you come up with a product that people are likely to be shopping for rather than buying on impulse (like most crafts), you can advertise it, list it on Amazon or Yahoo, or sell on eBay. Ebay's a pretty dog-eat-dog venue, but it can be great advertising. Sell some items there, but have a wider selection on your site. This works for many people.

                  Sharon, you are an exceptionally fine woodcrafter. There are several exceptionally fine woodcrafters here, and a few genuine artists, so in this company you may feel that you have a lot to learn. However, in the larger world you have a very rare talent, so it wouldn't be out of place to toot your horn a bit.

                  Originally posted by PuzzledMoose
                  So did your first customer find you online?
                  Yep, through a search. After a few weeks of no hits except from friends, I got desperate and did some advertising. The Googlebot has not dropped in for a visit yet, and though Yahoo picked me up, my keywords weren't quite right so I'm not getting many hits from them.

                  I really need to get out and pound the pavement locally, too, but the first emphasis was on the web.



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                    Yea!!!!! It is fun when you make those first sales!



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                      Hello Pete, Contratulations on that first sale, and the very best of good wish's on many more. I stopped by and took a tour of your web site, Very well done and interesting! I can tell you did your homework on copyright laws
                      I think you'll find a good market for your work!
                      I hope ya don't mind Pete if I blow your horn here, ya'll can view Pete's site at
                      Again congrats and best wish's

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                        That's wonderful!! Congrats!! I'm sure that there will be many more sales..but that first one is always special!

                        Sue Chrestensen


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                          Congratulations Pete!

                          I looked at your site as well, you take such care over everything, you deserve every success. Also I salute your taste in art. I really like Pre-raphaelite and early Symbolist work and it's the sort of art I love to see in jigsaw puzzles too.

                          On advertising - at least put your web site in your signature line!

                          Sharon's problem with not feeling confident about running a web site leads me to wonder if a kind of "Scrolling Co-operative" web site might be in order where a number of scrollers get together to sell their stuff and pool skills? It is also the sort of thing the magazine might run, a "marketplace" area online for people who don't do HTML or are only 'occasional' sellers.

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                            Chris just beat me to what I was going to say about putting your wesite in your signature here - and anywhere else you post on the net..

                            Just one or two other thoughts..

                            Have you contacted any of the other people who have wooden puzzle making sites to see if they'd be willing to do reciprocal links?

                            Are there any specialist magazines around for puzzle hobbyists/collectors that you could advertise in? I don't actually know of any but there are a lot of magazines aimed at relatively minority hobbies ... I know of a lot more people who do puzzles than scrollsaw and we have 2 mags

                            I was just looking at the meta tags on your page - you seem to have touched most bases with combinations of jigsaw wooden and puzzle - but how about including some phrases along the lines of handmade, handcut, handcrafted etc

                            Have you thought of making any of your puzzles "limited editions"?

                            Just brainstorming here .. no idea how useful the suggestions are ...

                            Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                              A second round of thanks for nice remarks is in order.

                              I haven't put the URL in my signature because I look at the forum as a place to blow off steam and talk to other scrollers. Y'know, the employee lounge.

                              Seeing as people are visiting, I'm wondering if anyone's having trouble with the image galleries, as in not seeing how they work. I have a lot of people go to the main index (which has all of three pictures on it) and stop. I can't figure out whether it's not clear that those are categories, or it just doesn't look very interesting. Could be the latter, because many puzzle makers work with living artists ($$$) and don't carry vintage art.

                              I'm with you on the 19th century realists, Chris. They were amazing.

                              Thanks for the ideas, Ian. I've contacted several other puzzle makers and the ones I have heard back from so far have agreed to reciprocal links. Mostly for after the holiday rush but a few linked right away.

                              I have some ideas for new-ish types of puzzles that I hope will get some interest. If things go well I hope to team with some artists for other special projects. Always fun to dream!



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