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  • Cleaning

    My Wife Had Me Ask The Form What Are Sum Good And Safe Ways To Clean Scrool Art?

    Indiana Saw Man

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    don't tell me....

    the wife has you cleaning too...

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      She Sure Does I Retirded From Work Just To Work At Home Lol You Know Honeydo List Thing


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        Originally posted by Indiana saw man
        What Are Sum Good And Safe Ways To Clean Scrool Art?
        I swear by the technique of getting your husband to do it after he's done the dishes, finished the ironing, mown the lawn... hang on - I'd better be careful !

        You've really got to try to protect your work against dirt and avoid the need to clean it. If that means putting it behind glass in a picture frame or in a display cabinet, then so be it. Glass is much easier to clean.

        However, if your pieces do start to gather dust, I find a large soft make-up brush accompanied by a sharp exhalation from the lungs is the most reliable way to disperse dust safely. Perhaps your wife has something you could use (and I don't mean surplus lung action ).

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          Gill Thanks For The Ideals About The Glass Cases . Asssssssssss Far As The Rest Of Your Reply Immmmmmmmmmm Just Lost For Words Lol

          Thanks Hun
          Indian Saw Man


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            Have you thought about running the dusting brush hooked on the end of your vacum hose? Seems to me this would be the best way to get all the little dusty bunnies in it.


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              Dusting fretwork . . isn't that what air compressors were made for? To blow out fretwork dust

              Seriously though , my wife is very good at cleaning dust out of my big fretwork clocks. She does it the way Sharon suggested as well as loosening up some of the dust with a 1" paint brush where the size of the vacuum dusting brush won't reach and sucking it in with the crevice tool.

              I don't dust em . . . I just make em'

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                Indiana saw man, a leaf blower works great.
                Mick, - Delta P-20

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