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I am home,,,and sawing again

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  • I am home,,,and sawing again

    Howdy All,

    I have been home for a bit over 10 days and have avoided the internet but I thought I best get on here and say that I am finally home.

    Many things happen in a years time and I am adjusting as needed. The wood shop took a few hits in my absence from my four legged shop keepers that left the appearance of a K-9 party. All things are cleaned up and I have rescented the air with saw dust. I am working on a few projects mostly from the beginners level but I do need to relearn a bit. What is making more fun is the fact that my 11 year old daughter is also scrolling with me now. She has shown quite a knack for it and I hope to soon post some of her work.

    Best Regards,


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    Welcome home and thank you for what you did for us! Enjoy getting reaquainted with your family.

    -Just do'in the best I can every day


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      Welcome Home!!!
      I can't think of a better welcome to a scroller than the promise of a new scroller to watch and guide.
      Thank you for your service - I sure hope you never have to go back!!


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        Welcome Home Todd
        I bet it sure feels good to spend the night in your own bed.

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          Welcome home Todd. It is great to have you back!

          I hope you cut like crazy!
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            Glad you made it home safe and sound Todd. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your and your daughter's work soon.

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              I am thrilled you made it home safe and not to much for wear -- well maybe just a little different I am sure and I hope you adjust as close to normal as possible- God brought you home and now this old lady says-- NO YOU MAY NOT GO BACK TO PLAY WITH THOSE MEAN BOYS AGAIN.!!! And I mean it.
              Great to have you back and great father daughter time and wonderful memories will be made with your partner in the shop with you-- God Bless and


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                Welcome Home

                Well Buddy you just made my day!!!! The site has been down most of the day and I just logged on and found you're back in the "real world". Here's a very sincere WELCOME HOME for Ya!!! I'll also add my thanks and appreciation to those already posted. Hope you have a super Thanksgiving and am glad you're back safe and sound!!
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                  Welcome home!!!! If theres anything you need to get the shop restocked, drop us a message. we owe YOU!!! Dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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                    Todd? Todd? The name rings a bell...

                    It's great to have you back with us .

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                      Originally posted by lucky788scroller
                      Welcome home!!!! If theres anything you need to get the shop restocked, drop us a message. we owe YOU!!! Dale
                      WELCOME BACK!!!!!

                      And "DITTO" what Dale said.

                      I've got a "stash" waiting for you that'll keep you and your daughter busy for some time!
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                        Wow...this must be a record...a third Ditto of what Dale said!

                        Welcome home my friend!!!!



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                          Welcome home Todd!!!!!! Great to have you back safe and sound.
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                            Welcome home Todd!!!!!!
                            Delta P-20


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                              Welcome back Todd. Great to have you back in the real world again...
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