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  • Fun site - design a snowflake

    Not sure if this post should be in off-topic or new patterns .. lol

    Just found this site
    It will let you design your own snowflake by "cutting" folded paper on screen.

    Files can be saved as jpegs or as eps files. Could be good for designing Christmas ornaments.

    Here's my second attempt - I botched the first one by being too scissor-happy ..
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    More flakes ..

    What a great way to waste time ...
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      man , that is just too kewl
      Thanx for posting it
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        Lets see now. Do we cut out the white or the Blue???
        Chuck D

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          Ian, I hope you don't mind but I turned one of your snowflakes into an ornament.
          I couldn't figure out how to copy the snowflakes I made.
          I made them for my use and they won't be sold.
          They are made from 1/8" Baltic Birch and painted white.

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            Hi Bob,

            That looks pretty good No of course I don't mind you using my snowflake - and if you can sell them go ahead..:-)

            If you want to do one yourself and then save a copy - you have to first submit a copy - click on Preview Flake - then Save My flake and Submit - give any name you like - after that it will give you the option to Download My Flake - this will then give you the option of viewing it as a (saveable) Jpeg or an EPS file which can be read by Adobe Illustaror or Photoshop ...

            Hope this helps


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